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Scott Wertel blogs on built-in Solid Edge data management

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

scott-wertel.jpgScott Wertel is an experienced Solid Edge user and commentator, and is certified in the mysterious world of Configuration ManagementJust a quick note that if you are looking for a straightforward way to manage your Solid Edge data you can check out Scott Wertel's blogs on Design & Motion that discuss the built-in data management capabilities in Solid Edge ST9. Scott has posted several blogs that guide you through setting up and using these new capabilities including:

  • setting up vaults using new or existing file folders
  • indexing your Solid Edge files for fast searching
  • working with custom properties
  • setting up your Solid Edge client workstations to work better with built-in data management

The feedback we have seen so far on these new capabilites has been very positive - but please let us know of your own experience.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Nice blog, Scott. So, I gather that BiDM can't check and prevent duplicate file names unlike Insight, etc. and that you need to rely on procedure to avoid it? I suppose that's because BiDM is not a database.

Siemens Valued Contributor

biDM checks and prevents duplicate file names, if you have the option for automatic file naming turned on. Then biDM will automatically generate the file name based on the entered document number and revision id. As the user enters a document number for a new file, biDM checks against the entire vault, if the document number is already used.