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Settings: File Locations


It seems that a lot of CAD Admin type information can be hard to come by, but also very valuable for people who come through here. I'm using my own learning experience with various aspects of this software to drive some discussions about various topics. CAD Admin is a huge and probably underserved topic that we should be discussing and trading ideas on.


One of the more basic ideas in CAD Admin is where to store your common files, how to reference them, and identifying exactly which files need to be shared. When you have a collection of users, you don't want to duplicate the same files in different locations, which adds to your workload for changes, and also runs the risk of changes creeping in to stored files.


So how do you at your company deal with storing shared files, like templates, macros, property files, and other types of files? Do you use mapped drives or UNC paths?


We have a server location where anything relating to Solid Edge are contatined.  There I have the templates and everything and have pointed everyone computer to that location

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Generally you should use UNC paths over mapped drives.  UNC paths generally have better stabililty and don't time out like mapped drives.  The interwebz is full of reasons why to use UNC over mapped drives:..


The only downside to UNC over mapped drives is essentailly with UNC the server name is hard coded into file paths.  Then again this can be overcome with DNS trckery.





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We also store all of our common config files such as templates, reports, hole info, etc... on a server.  We also use the Solid Edge Administrator tool to set up the Options.xml file to set these paths for the users.  We also have multiple groups, so we have multiple options.xml files.  To make it easier for the users to specify the correct options.xml file and to set up other things, we have the users run a VB application that displays a combobox with the role/group names and the user selects the one that applies to them and then the VB app specifies the correct option.xml file in Solid edge and updates the file location entries.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

We also store common files on a server - templates, reports, settings, draftlists, etc. and an options.xml file which all workstations reference. Insight is the focal point for all design files.