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Solid Edge App Marketplace now online!

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

You can go direct to the Solid Edge App Marketplace to browse through the available apps or read a blog post with some background on why we have added this new way of making add-on apps available for our Solid Edge users.


@Tushar   maybe this is a good avenue for you to explore for some or your tools...


Free tools for the community are appreciated but a small fee for your efforts might afford you the time to make more detailed apps???


look forward to seeing what grows in this space from all!!!

Gears Phenom

Exactly @MattJohnsonPAC and @Tushar


I thought this App Marketplace was supposed to be a location for user-created apps to get some page views and help grow the community by offering the finanical incentive that comes with selling their programs.  I didn't realize it was just going to be another website that links me to incumbant software vendors' products.


I'm rather dissappointed in this launch of the marketplace.  I was hoping to see applications, macros, utilities, and tools that are built into Solid Edge, not 3rd party software.

Siemens Experimenter

The goal of the App Marketplace is to provide a single location where Solid Edge customers can find complementary software and tools to enhance their engineering process. The marketplace is open to both user created apps as well as the products of our software and technology partners. (See community request from Jason Newell) As tends to be the case, the software and technology partners have been the early adopters of this program. However, it is absolutely our intent to continue recruiting the individual app developer to add macros, utilities and other tools.


If you are aware of any of these utilities that you would like to see on the site, we would certainly be happy to follow up with that developer or they can contact me directly.


Thank you



Neil Perez

Director, Mainstream Engineering Partner Products


Gears Honored Contributor

@MattJohnsonPAC, I too will watch that space to see how it evolves.

Lack of funds prevents me from purchasing a seat of SE and without SE can't sell the apps - a bad maelstrom Robot Frustrated


@swertel, you pointed it right. It appears to be a stage for the big guys. The Autodesk Apps Exchange is much more democratic in that small experimenters too can contribute free apps subject to scrutiny from Autodesk.





I saw this and was hoping it would be along the lines of what Matt/Tushar/Scott were talking about. Launching with 18 apps, of ~8 different types, is a start, at least... 


If I were managing this app store, I would be chasing down the many, many addins that get mentioned in the community that are scattered over dozens of websites right now, and haranguing them to get their product up there! You cannot expect to grow this app store where none has existed before by sitting back and letting the apps come to you! Neil, the post you linked to from Jason is the exact reason why you should very aggressively pursue those who can contribute the most to Solid Edge. You've missed the boat with Jason, but there are others!



Also, this:


is quite confusing now. There is a link to the app store from this page, and then other products still in the old categories with overlapping products that exist both in the app store and on the old page. This should be cleaned up, Tools/Utilities should be transferred to the app store with a price of FREE, unpriced addin packages like CAMWorks should be listed as Price N/A and refer you to a reseller, and the app store should have the option of searching by category instead of just name/price. 


You have the opportunity to turn this into a real benefit to users instead of just another page that languishes for years, is hard to find, and never gets updated as new addins surface in the community. Do not squander it!


Here are some sites that sit in my bookmarks:


Where is the GrabCAD addin that I know exists? Is it STILL buried in the ST6 folder in GTAC downloads? 



I hope I've provided enough homework to keep you busy for a few days Smiley Wink

Gears Honored Contributor

Hi Dylan,


You perhaps mean to say Siemens does not appear to be taking ahead this initiative proactively, which could seem to be true at this moment. I am in process of posting few apps on the marketplace and from the communication so far with Siemens, which is no big secret and can be shared, it appears that lots of stuff and efforts have been pushed behind it to make the marketplace available in the first place.


If more people like me are in process of approaching Siemens with a view to post their apps, macros and addins online, the marketplace soon would start looking very exciting.


My take on this is the Marketplace should not be viewed independently but as a part of a larger strategy to build a complete Solid Edge ecosystem, which is lacking. The other components of the ecosystem would be paid blogging, stronger presence on social media, promote and support local Solid Edge user groups. I am more specific to India on the last point as I have no visibility on the prevailing conditions in other markets.





The answer to my own question is yes, by the way. The GrabCAD addin is still sitting in JUST the ST6 folder in the GTAC download area. And the ST7 help documentation STILL points you to the Scratch FTP (read: temporary!!!) area to try and download it- a place where the file no longer exists! 



Siemens Documentation

Do the following to integrate the GrabCAD addin: