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Solid Edge Certification Event at Solid Edge University 2014


Solid Edge is reviving the user certification program, and you can be one of the first in the door. At Solid Edge University this year, a limited number of users will get the opportunity to take the test and become the first wave of the new Certified Solid Edge Professionals. The certification program will later expand to include on-line testing and a level for students.


300x273.jpgThe test will be offered at Atlanta's Peachtree Plaza Westin in two sessions. The first session will be on May 13, 3:30 - 5:30 and the second session on May 14, 1:45 - 3:45. The test will normally cost $99, but it will be free for a limited number of registered Solid Edge University attendees. Details on official sign up will be forthcoming, but for now, if you are coming to Solid Edge University in Atlanta and want to make sure that you are among the first to take this test, please send an email to me, at


There will be approximately 100 multiple choice questions, and a number of hands on problem solving exercises requiring the use of Solid Edge ST6.


Prerequisites for the test:

  • 2 years of Solid Edge experience minimum recommended
  • Thorough understanding of core and advanced functionality
  • Familiarity with the latest version at the time of the test

The test is designed for power users who use the software on a daily basis. Passing grade with be at least 80% correct.


Here are some samples of the multiple choice questions:


Q: How do you determine if sketch relationships exist?


a.  On the Sketching tab→IntelliSketch group, choose the IntelliSketch options button.

b.  On the Solid Edge options page, click the Display all sketch relationships button.

c.  On the Sketching tab→Relate group, choose the Relationships Handles command to turn on the display all sketch relationships.

d.  On the Inspect tab→Evaluate group, choose the Relationship Colors command.



Q: What type of dimensions attach to the edges of an extruded feature?


a.  PMI

b.  Driven

c.  Linear

d.  Unlocked

e.  All of the above



Q: On the round dynamic edit box, what are options (1) and (2) used for?


a.  (1) Deletes the selected round or (2) deletes all rounds connected to the selected round.

b.  (1) Edits the radius value of the selected round or (2) edits the radius value of all rounds connected to the selected round.

c.  (1) Separates the selected round from a chain of rounds or (2) creates single round features for each round connected to the selected round feature.

d.  (1) Adds the selected round to a chain of round features or (2) adds all rounds in the model with the same radius to a single round feature.

PLM World Member Genius

Time to get back to school....

This is great news... I just hope that they have pictures to go along with descriptions like this "On the round dynamic edit box: since it took me awhile to figure out just what they were talking about. Or at least they could use a better understood term such as "Round Feature" instead of a small case word "round".


Sorry, my fault. They sent an image, I forgot to add it. It's there now.

Thanks Matt... that's great to see. I might actually pass now! Sad part is that I know how to do most things with SE. But if you asked me cold what the actual command and their true names, I'd stumble like a novice.
Gears Phenom



At the risk of sounding stupid, is the box shown in the "round dynamic edit box" question something new to ST6?  I'm still on ST5 and I don't see those two options.






It's definitely there in ST6, can't speak to ST5.

Siemens Phenom



I see it in ST5 - after you create the round and then select it, click on the radius handle and the box shown above appears.



Gears Phenom



When I click the radius handle, the value appears but the two options and the "+" button are not there.



Siemens Phenom

That's odd, it does appear when I try it.


Just some additional information that has come in after the initial writing of the article:


  • test based on Foundation level
  • modeling portions of the test will allow ordered or sync
  • some of the multiple choice questions do cover synchronous
Gears Phenom

Here is what shows up on my system (ST5).  I think the above options are only on ST6.







This may be a difference between Synchronous and Ordered interfaces. I get what you show in Ordered. I get what the test question asks for in Synchronous.

Gears Phenom

Ah ha!


It's a Synchronous option.  I just made an extrusion like the one above but in Synchronous and when picking a rounded face, the dynamic edit option lets you pick from just that face or all four.

Gears Phenom



If I'm still running ST5 and pretty much work in Ordered, do I have a prayer of passing the certification test?  I would like to take the test - especially for free - but if I'm not up to date on some things, I don't want to take up a space for someone else.





The way it was put to me, you pretty much need to be familiar with Synch to pass. You need an 80% to pass. I haven't seen the questions, so I don't know how everything breaks down. They say the modeling can be done either way as long as the result is correct, but the multiple choice will be related to one side or the other.


I encourage you still to take it. There's nothing to lose, and it will at least prepare you for a second try if you don't pass.