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Solid Edge Certification


At Solid Edge University this year, Kevin Riggs and his team lead an effort to establish a Solid Edge Certification test and program. There were two well-attended sessions, and a couple of weeks ago, the results went out privately. Those who didn't pass were provided with information on which areas they need to work on.


The plan is to make this program more widely available, and to promote it as a benefit provided to users, employers, educators, students, and partners.


Would you like to share anything about your experience with taking the test, and any perceived benefits you feel you've reaped since finding out you passed? Please avoid talking about specific questions or answers to avoid giving away test details, although you can discuss generalities about the types of questions.


Here is a video of Karsten Newbury chatting up the benefits of certification.



I did not Pass... nor did I expect to since I didn't complete the test. And yes I did receive notice: "on which areas they need to work on"


To be very honest with you, the test was crippled from the start. Siemens had you use ST7 BETA software on a laptop. My system kept crashing, whereby parts designed in Synch earlier were not editable. So many time I was require to start over. Then as we've all been told to do is keep saving as you go. But then when ST7 got stuck you had nowhere to go back to, since SE cleans out all earlier edits. And any of you out there not familiar with Synch... forget about it.


Also the test was poorly organized for those of us who use it daily and seemed more geared towards a person who does training or demos. It also reminded me of a HS test where the teacher used multiple choice questions that were designed to trick your memory rather then see truly see what you know. Listen we all have different needs from SE, as well as have slightly different approaches to solving our daily issues with designing 3D models... especially with Synch.


So again I am truly not concerned with the results, since I have no need to be certified in anything... well other then being a "certified curmudgeon" But it was a good start and I believe the program has benefits.


Here's a few suggestions:


1). You should be certified by Release. Making anyone use ST7 when they're still on ST4 is a crime.


2). Avoid Multiple questions... unless the answers are not tricky semantics. And NEVER EVER use "all the above"... The problem with MQ's is they're either too easy or too hard... never fair.


3). Make the Modeling LOGICAL. The Cert Test had you build a model, then edit it, then ask you to use the prior iteration and place it into an Assembly. Of course with my crashes and saves, this was impossible. Tell the person the PLAN! Don't expect them to jump through hoops only to made to go back. When the real world presents you with a problem your approach is linear, not hoping all around.


4). Forget timing these so rigidly.


5). Have users give you REAL world examples of models.


Anyway that's my take on the Cert Test.



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Bob thank you for your  interesting comments. I did an earlier certification test (SE V14 from memory) and it had similar issues. The multiple questions seemed designed to trick the examinee rather than to test real knowledge. Also these multiple choice questions were almost impossible to answer for those without excellent English skills.

Your point about the reality or otherwise of the models and logicality of the process also sound familiar.

So it would seem that the certification test has not really improved after a 10 or 11 year hiatus.

I passed as I remember.




I did pass the test and did so without having used synchronous at all in my daily SE use. Although the test was highly geared towards the Synchronous environment I was able to chug through it and find the answers I needed. I feel Synchronous was definitely 'pushed' into all aspects of the test except for the draft portion obviously. It was nice to be able to have Solid Edge open on our laptop to reference for our answers though, like Bob said, I don't believe it was fair to use ST7. I am currently on ST5 and I've had several training sessions on ST6 but there were obviously still some differences on ST7 that I was not used to. I used the command finder a lot because my Solid Edge station is totally customized with buttons and I hardly ever use the ribbon. The hands on portion of the test did jump around quite a bit, but the way it was set up was really the only way I see it being possible to grade. Though if you make one misstep along the way most of your answers will be incorrect. I did not like the tight time constraints for the test at all. Loosen those up, the test had 100+ questions on it so for those who do not take tests often I can see it being very stressful. Maybe break it up into two or more portions to allow mental breaks in between. I did not like the laptops either. A suggestion for the workstation would be to have a desktop computer with two monitors. Make the test electronic (rather than paper, and put it on one monitor and put the Solid Edge session on the other. Allow the option to use a Spaceball, as a lot of people asked about that including myself. Rather than having a pass/fail test maybe the test can somehow be setup in a way to grade you as an intermediate user or an advanced user. Have a graph set up and show the users what there strongpoints were. If they don't do well on some portions then give them an intermediate user certification along with a graph showing those strong and weak points that way they can show their current or future employer their skills. Maybe those skills are the only ones needed for their day to day jobs. i don't know what kind of information was given to those that failed but I feel that if the test is going to cost close to $100 then they should be able to walk away with some kind of Solid Edge designation. Overall I felt the test was a pretty good evaluation of skills though and I am happy to say that I am a Certified ST6 Professional. I am framing my certificate and I also have this cool logo to put in my email signature now Smiley Happy