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Solid Edge Demonstrates AWS Proof of Concept


Solid Edge made a guest appearance at the Amazon AWS re:Invent convention in Las Vegas earlier today.  Amazon invited Solid Edge to demonstrate a proof of concept by demoing Solid Edge on their AppStream service. AWS = Amazon Web Services.  Siemens PLM has a partnership with Amazon AWS.  Perhaps you saw the demo?  In any case, it is important to clarify that what was demonstrated was Solid Edge being run on an Amazon server and streamed remotely using the AppStream service from Amazon, as a part of an AppStream concept demonstration.


AppStream in conjunction with Solid Edge proposes to deliver the power of Solid Edge to any connected device, on any OS. Tablet. Phone. Desktop. Laptop. iPad. Chrome Book. Android. iOS. Windows. Mac.  Because they are just running standard Solid Edge, this may become an additional option, not a requirement, and certainly not a change in direction.


Are you refering to the SOV207 Breakout Session?

Community Manager

 @RyanM -- Yes. that would be the one.

Gears Phenom
Hi Matt, It sounds good, very good! Smiley Wink Where can I find more info about this? Is this a pilot? "The world is changing." Smiley Very Happy BR,



Here's a link to the Amazon conference:



Ryan's link above also gives some info.


Pilot? Not really. Proof of concept is what it's being called.

Community Manager

This is a demonstration of technology we’ve been working on with Amazon that shows we can offer "run anywhere" type of flexibility to our customers. We will work closely with you guys and our other customers to decide how/when to package technologies in a way that is most productive and cost effective for you.


You can contact me directly if this is something that is interesting that you'd like to talk more about and perhaps experiment with. 


Gears Phenom
Matt and Dan, Thanks for your info! BR,