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Solid Edge Rendering Contest Starts NOW!


This has been in the works for a while, and I'm excited that it's finally here. A monthly Solid Edge/Keyshot Rendering Contest! Download the model, set up your scene and render settings, then submit your images.


Anyway, here's the deal.

  • Go to the page for the contest.
  • Read the rules.
  • Download the piano model in Parasolid 25.1
  • Open it in Solid Edge
  • Add your own stuff, backgrounds, lighting, props, etc.
  • Render something amazing in KeyShot
  • Submit your rendering on the Entries tab
  • On May 18 we'll vote
  • On May 25, you Win! Some small prizes will be involved, but what you win is mostly notoriety and bragging rights.
  • In June we do it again with a new model.

A key component of this will be dicussing the renderings and models. Share cool stuff with other users. Of course, have fun.


My image below is just a screen capture, so everything everyone else submits is going to be nicer than this.

solid edge piano.png


I was hoping we'd see something like this, now that we have the phenomenal Keyshot integration! Smiley Happy

Gears Phenom

When will there be a new contest ?

I have access at a full Keyshot license untill the end of June and for the next contest I would like to post an image without the "Keyshot watermark" in front of it Smiley LOL






Yes, there will be a new contest. We're trying to get a nice prize this time, so that's taking longer than I had hoped. Should also have a nicer model this month.


Glad you got a full license of Keyshot. We'll put it to good use here shortly.