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Solid Edge ST7 AddIn Architecture Overview

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Developing addins for Solid Edge can be a daunting task in itself but I've found having a solid understanding of the underlying architecture is key to success. I recently published the article Solid Edge ST7 AddIn Architecture Overview on CodeProject to share my years of experience and knowledge with you all in the hopes you too can have a solid understanding of how addins work in Solid Edge. The article does not get into programming language specifics rather it focuses entirely on the Solid Edge API and more specifically, the requirements to developing an addin.


What's next? I plan on creating several more articles that focus creating addins in the C++, C# & Visual Basic languages. Those are the top 3 off the top of my head but I'm certainly willing to entertain other languages if there is a need. Let me know!



Hi Jason,


I wanted to refer the link above but it is not pointing to the resource. Are these contents have been moved to some other location? Please provide me a new link if exists.