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Solid Edge Tips and Tricks #1



  1. How do I make Solid Edge use all the processors/cores on my PC?

    Solid Edge is a single threaded application, and as such will only use a single CPU core. There are exceptions to this in Parasolid code such as drawing view VHL and part feature calculations. Simulation and rendering are also multithreaded. Use the Performance tab on the Windows Task Manager application as you work to monitor which areas of Solid Edge use multiple cores. In short, there’s nothing you can do to make better use of more cores aside from doing more drawings, FEA, and rendering. When you buy a new CAD machine, it is recommended that you put more money into a faster processor and memory rather than more cores.
  2. tnt3.pngHow can I make an associative mirrored part copy of a synchronous part?

    You will have to open a new part file and make sure you are in the Ordered environment, and insert a Part Copy feature. Synchronous copies are not associative. This might seem a little odd, but part of the idea behind Synchronous is to work without external driving links. This is also part of the reason why we recommend working in mixed-mode, where you use Ordered for its strengths and Synchronous for its strengths. Part of the strength of Solid Edge is that you can mix these two powerful ways of working.
  3. materials1.pngHow do I share my Material Table with other users?

    By default, the Material Table folder can be found at C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Preferences\Materials. Place the Material Table folder on a shared drive, and point to that location in the File Locations list on the other user’s machine. UNC path names are preferred for the File Locations over mapped drives. For example, use \\ServerName\ShareName\FilePath rather than M:\Photos\Vaca2014. UNC paths are constant anywhere on a network, but mapped drives can change from machine to machine, and can even be changed on a single machine.
  4. tnt4.pngCan I explode parts created using Frame in Assembly?

    In this situation, Automatic Explode will not work, but you can manually explode these parts with the Explode command.
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I see the entire SE Forum QA, posts and the answers as one mammoth tip-tricks treasure. Leaving out some very specific queries that are applicable to a particular design issue, most others can be looked upon as a tip or a trick in itself.


Users like @Imics add a flavor by complimenting their 'tips & tricks' with videos, some others add screen-captures, while the rest simply describe it.


Even without the visual part, the unique characteristics of 'tips & tricks' is that while for some people it may appear as routine, for others it may come as a surprise for they haven't used a particular command or a design workflow in a way different from they had till then.


They add spice to the routine design work, not to mention increase in knowledge, productivity and speed. Hence Tips & Tricks are loved by one and all.



Thanks, yes, it looks better with images.

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Sorry, I did not mean your tips and tricks need images.

I was referring to the SE forum where the QA may or may not have images.


The images you added look great !


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Great post, I hope this will be continuing…

I’d like to add a plus info! I hope, it isn’t a problem! Smiley Wink


SE and/or Parasolid offers some „multithreading process”. Matt has mentioned some for example rendering, etc…

I’m not a developer/code writer, but I’ve info to this.

SE uses 2 or more cores in some cases:

- Calculating of Physical properties

- Geometry inspector

- Boolean operation and rebuilding model tree what contains lots of Boolean operation

- Model editing in Synch…

- …


Here is short video about this:


Of course there are some areas where multithreading process should be nice (I don’t speak about traditional model tree rebuilding), here are some:

- Opening large assembly (files loading time)

- Making patterns and large number of cutouts (sheetmetal)

- Placing multiple views in draft and updating them

These would be very timesaver operations! Smiley Wink


To Auto explode command.

Auto explode command calculates exploding direction from assemble relationships. Frames don’t contain assemble relationships, because their positions are based on “wireframes”.

Auto explode doesn’t work for imported assemblies from same reason. In this case I suggest using Relationship Assistant before going in ERA environment.


Here is a short video:



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Solution Partner Creator

If anyone is interested, we at Edge PLM Australia have posted many tips and tricks videos on our YouTube channel. They range from basic to advanced and include some things to be aware of. I get some great feedback along the lines of Tushar's earlier comment.