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Solid Edge University 2015 Presentations Now Available for Download



For those of you who couldn't make it, or even if you were there and you just weren't able to catch all the sessions you wanted to see, a PDF of each breakout session is now available in the Solid Edge Knowledge Base.


What?!? You didn't know that we had a Knowledge Base area? Well, we do try to keep it secret, what a mess it would be if all this information got out into the hands of Solid Edge users, after all ;oP  We probably don't use it as much as we should, but it is there, and it is searchable. Use the label SEU15 to find all the presentations. Or just thumb through the last 3 pages of entries.


I will be following up on some of my favorites, interviewing the presenters and trying to draw out even more information. I know when I do a presentation, the powerpoint is just a conversation starter, and I never write the best information down anywhere. I suspect other people do that as well.


Some of my favorites were Melissa Schultz, Proof of Principle, Chris Dayton's Solution Manager, and his Smart Features on Dumb Parts. There were several I didn't make it to that I wanted to see, like Tushar's 60 tips in 60 minutes, Wayne Mahan's Synchronous and Ordered Sheet Metal, and Imre Szuc's Keep Calm and uSE.



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You are right Matt.


The PPTs are only a skeleton and to access the meaty part, the session videos are needed.

Some keynote presentation videos have come up on this page though the most sought after ones will be those for the breakout sessions.


The Knowledge Base will serve no purpose without the breakout session videos.



Hi Matt,


Could you post them all zipped together and put them on dropbox or similar.. so I can download them all in one go.


Many thanks in advance,



Jan Bos

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Thanks Matt!


Here is a direct link to view my "session", it contains videos about solutions:


link - prezi


Good or bad, this is your decision! Smiley Wink



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I have a link within my presentation that directs you to a video of my presentation on YouTube.  Most of mine was demo within the product.  If anyone is interested in having the actual video versus going to YouTube (or if your company restricts access), just shoot me an email and I'll get it to you.




Gears Phenom

I agree with Jan.


While putting them in the Knowledge Base individually is a perfect archive for the presentations, can you put them somewhere else to make it much easier and quicker to download the whole lot of them?


I'll look for a way to do it. The whole thing is 170 mb.


I agree also that there is no substitute for actually having been there for the presentations. BUT, the best customer quote from the whole event is in Melissa Schultz presentation. I'll let you figure out what it is, but it's in her powerpoint, and the associated pdf.


Thanks to all for your interest and input.

Community Admin

@Tushar - I added the video (from Youtube) to Ross Robotics and the ST8 update. Those should be a better user experience for you. As more come online, they will hopefully get added. BTW - pleasure meeting you and so happy you could come to #SEU15! I haven't forgot about conversation and will follow up with you offline.  


@grayson - If you would like to add your videos (both embed the video and attach them) then let me know (PM) and I can grant you the permission :-)


@swertel - Since you skipped #SEU15 this year, your punishment is to download them one at a time. bwahahaha ;-)  

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That is so mean, @SusanCinadr.

And I didn't skip it on purpose. We have budget to send one person and it wasn't my turn.

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Hi Susan, it was great talking to you at SEU and within minutes of our conversation I realised work is under progress that will revolutionize this community and user experience. Looking forward to those changes to the community site in the coming months.


Also I remember full-length videos of a few breakout sessions from SEU 2013 were posted online so those who missed, could view them offline.

Will all break-out session videos from SEU be posted to YouTube as well ?


I have seen this with SW World where each and every presentation and class is put out there for the users to download including any hand-notes and sample data files.

Community Manager

Hi @Tushar, pleasure meeting you in person at the event. Smiley Happy


Yes, we did record some of the full length sessions, and despite my hard drive crashing on site, haha, I'm working on getting them all up on YouTube. You should see a number of them already on the SEU playlist:


The rest will be up over the next 48 hours or so, and I'll work with Susan and Matt to add them to the correct Knowledgebase articles so that you can see both the slides and videos together.


I'll also publish a post with a links to all of the session videos we have, as soon as they're up.


Great event, and I really enjoyed meeting so many of the folks that are the core of this community. I can't wait until next year!

Gears Honored Contributor

Hi Erin, it was nice meeting you as well and congratulations to you and the entire marketing + backend support team for making SEU this year a spectacular success !
John Fox gave me insight into the complexities of hosting such events on a global scale and I was amazed even more. Robot surprised

I had long bookmarked the Youtube site and have been watching it closely when the playlist opened up with 13 videos, then 18 and now 29, wow ! they are streaming by the hour.
If we can have all breakout session videos like the ones already posted, that would be a virtual SEU of everyone on the forum.