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Solid Edge University 2016 Presentations



By now most of you know that the presentations for SEU16 are available. They are available in two formats. First, PDF versions of the presentations the presenters handed in before the convention. You can find these in the Knowledge Base, and remember in the KB, search is your friend. In some cases, presentations were not handed in, and some of the demo-only sessions don't have presentations. Also the round-table sessions do not have presentations, since these were information gathering excercises.


Second, there is a YouTube channel for SEU16, where you will find 27 session videos. 


Is it just like being there?  No, not really, that's why we want you to show up to the event. Still, it's a lot of good information.

Gears Phenom

can all of the prensentations be provided via one zip file for download?   in years past with the jump drive we all had a nice collection...  now we have to go on a Pokemon Go hunt just to find them  let alone download one...



Gears Honored Contributor

Hi @Johnson_BigMatt


I don't see your session video in the YouTube list.

Is it there and I am overlooking it, can you please confirm ?



Another prominent feature missing from this year's videos is the occassional zoom-in zoom-out and switching the focus between the presenter and the screen like we had last year.

Both the screen and the presenter are seen all time making it difficult to read some text on the screen on some slides.

Gears Phenom

@Tushar  not all sessions were recorded.  My session does not have a video uploaded to YouTube. 


Search the KB for "Managing Mayhem" there you will find my Presentation PDF uploaded by @MLombard.  I have commented on this posting with a Link to download video recordings of my Presentaion and Demo. 



Gears Phenom

@Tushar,  your feedback regarding the "occassional zoom-in zoom-out and switching the focus between the presenter and the screen like we had last year."  is a good comment.


I will be snipping this comment and emailing it to a few folks that plan SEU so that it can be noted.


Gears Honored Contributor

The mayhem seems to be here:

• Valuable information about past and present SEU events is scattered all over the Internet.

• Some presentations/videos have not made it to the published places like YouTube.

• No dedicated website for SEU, where all past and present slides, videos, etc. can be accessed.


This will result in irrecoverable loss of knowledge and information that has been created meticulously by hard-working people.


Matt and community,

While I don't think we need a dedicated SEU website, expense, and a separate location to search, I do think some form of additional "SEU article" organization might be appreciated. Tags are great, but after picking a tag, I have no way to search within them.


Like those missing the thumb drives, We'd like some form of one-stop shopping for our post-SEU review.