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Solid Edge Viewer part of Windows 10 Announcement


windows10solidedgeviewer.jpgWindows 10 may not be on your top 10 list of things to get excited about today. I mean, we had to wrench Windows XP from your clenched fists just months ago, right? Windows 7 still feels new to many folks, and Windows 8... Wha????  And what ever happened with Windows 9? Now you're telling me that Windows 10 was just released?


Ok, too many questions, I can't answer all of that. All I know is that the Solid Edge Mobile Viewer played a part in the Windows 10 announcement shown on this c/net video. But that's not all. There's a lot of 3D and "holograms" (the rest of us might call it "virtual reality" or "extended reality"), and a bit of the Iron Man-type design vibe.


Anyway, just watch the video. It looks like the deep linking doesn't work here, but go to the 2:01:30 mark . But then keep watching, as they have more 3D related stuff.




Gears Esteemed Contributor

What a painful presentation video.

Wouldn't mind that touch monitor in my office though....and once again, it would've been NICE to hear the words "SOLID EDGE" being uttered when they mentioned the app.


This might be a cleaner link...but right now it looks like it is getting hammered.