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Solid Edge Webinar Series


If you've got some people in your company that need an overview of Solid Edge or some specific functionality, you might consider sending them to the webinar series. They have a series of webinar presentations given by industry people that will help you get your head around various topics that surround the CAD world.


Here is a webinar that I'm involved in, coming up shortly. Dr. Ken Versprille (the father of NURBS) and I will both present, and we have done a part 1 which was recorded.


How to Get Better Performance when Designing Large CAD Assemblies Part 2 - March 23


...and here are some previously recorded webinars on Solid Edge related topics...


Managing Large CAD Assemblies – Three Ways to Improve Performance Right Now


When to Use History-based, Direct and Synchronous Modeling


History-based, Direct and Synchronous Modeling