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Solid Edge and Windows 10


w102.pngMicrosoft has been very aggressive about the Windows 10 upgrade. If you are on a managed corporate install, you might not see it, but on my personal computer, I get several reminders a week that it's time to upgrade to Windows 10, and Windows 10 combines a lot of things that you are already comfortable with, and your PC is compatible with Windows 10 , and X% of users have already installed Windows 10, and Windows 10 is free for a limited time, and Windows 10 this and Windows 10 that. I haven't personally installed Windows 10 yet, so I'm not here to pass any sort of judgment on Windows 10. I tend to be the early adopter with Windows upgrades, but I'm still liking Windows 7, and didn't really care for Windows 8, although I bought the first generation of the Microsoft Surface, which I thought was a great machine. I still have it, but it's old enough that it gets relegated to a guest computer, or it just sits on the couch for when I need that kind of thing.



I have to say that I was blown away by the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book at SEU, all SNAG-0072.pngrunning Windows 10. Portable CAD has been slow to catch on, probably because the laptops required to run 3D CAD convincingly will still put your back out of joint, but the new generation of stuff looks to be putting an end to the tyranny of the portable graphics card, and the giant power block that it requires.


Really my reason for writing about Windows 10 has been the number of people with questions about compatibility with various versions of Solid Edge on the forum.


If you're still using a 32 bit OS, it's way past time to upgrade. Solid Edge ST6 is the last version that runs in that environment. You'll probably need to upgrade both hardware and OS. I've got to say that the MS Surface Pro 4 would be a great way to go.


Solid Edge ST7 MP4 or later works with Windows 10.


Solid Edge ST8 MP2 or later works with Windows 10.


Solid Edge ST9 (not yet released) will be the last version to support Windows 7.


From reading the forums, it looks like a lot of people got caught upgrading to Windows 10 before they figured out the Solid Edge compatibility side of things. Enthusiasm for new stuff is great, but sometimes has its price. Moreover, just because Microsoft puts an enticing button right in front of your face doesn't mean that you have to upgrade your operating system right now.


Solid Edge has been adding new functions especially related to touch to allow you to get more out of touch enabled OS and hardware. To me, touch interface and CAD is a no-brainer combination, especially with mobile devices where you don't always have all your beautiful 3DConnexion periperals with you all the time. Plus, if you've got fat fingers like me, you can use the pen that comes with the Surface Pro 4.

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I just want to point out that stating various versions of Solid Edge will "work" with Windows 10 is not that same thing as "supported".


At this time, ST8 MP3 is the only Solid Edge version officially supported on Windows 10, and ST8 MP3 on Windows 10 is only with the November update installed.


Please ensure that you are running ST8 MP3 or higher on Windows 10 November update [version 1511, build 10586] or higher before posting about this or that isn't working on Windows 10.  Already received too many calls about ST8 MP3 issues on Windows 10 that are resolved once the November update is installed.


THe jump from win7 to Windows 10 isn't that hard from a user persective. If you know how to search using cortana it's even easier...actaully just typing down in the "ask me anything" area was kinda there in Win 8.0 and 8.1 people just didn't know about it.


You need to be a bit careful though..the upgrade looks at your current version and then applys a similar version for Windows 10. You may end up with a 'Home" version that might cause other problems. I, myself, have updated all my pcs to Windows the dread of my Apple treee household. I like it and use Office 2016 as well. Combine that with OneDrive and I don't have save much data to my harddrive and can access that data from any of my window devices! Works nice.

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For those of you reticent to upgrade to Windows 10 because you hated Windows 8 -- you are not alone. But it will be OK. I moved to Windows 8 and generally tolerated it, even though I kinda hated it. But I didn't let my mom and wife move because my IT load would have gone through the roof! :-) 


However, after running Windows 10 for a few days -- and concluding its like Windows 7 only better and not at all like Window (yuk!) 8 -- I upgraded both my 80+ year old mom and my wife. Both are sailing along without a single IT call to me, their one and only IT expert. Woo hoo!


Just do it (bearing in mind the ST8 MP3 and MS patch caveat above)

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...further to all the above input....


If you find you really want to have the old Win7 style [Start Menu] "Programs" list, you can right click on the windows task bar, and add a new toolbar, then copy this address into the folder search....%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs .....then press "select"'ll then have your programs list right on your taskbar, like the pic below.






Dan your experience is like mine... everyone keeps asking me when they can upgrade to Win10. And like you, I am the only Tech savvy one here at Trlby and at Home, so all issues end up being mine.


But there's always one "child" who can't follow directions. Paul decided he wanted to move on, so he updated to Win10 and now of course he can't see other machines in our Workgroup or communicate with our CNC machine. Like many small businesses I can't rationalize true SERVER software, so we use a local Work Workgroup... Win 10 (and this may be the version issue) doesn't support WORKgroups... only HOMEgroups. My reluctance to upgrading to SERVER 2013 is more about the cost of support, since I'm not prepared to undertake real networking management... I wish some one made a add-on Software package where you can manage your network in "human terminology" and let it deal with Security, Certificates, and all the other arcane stuff, that when it goes wrong, you're down for the day.


So I guess I'll need to sort this all out sooner then later... since MS is hammering everyone to move on. I've never used Win8.1 but I always felt Windows 10 was a pleasure to use, so I'm not fighting it, but the networking part. The other issue I have with Windows 10 is the poor backup solutions. I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 and had to purchase Acronis Backup to give me what I want for imaging backups of everyone's system.




Thanks, Bob,


That's a really important distinction for those of us with home networks/workgroups. I'll probably have to upgrade all the computers in the house at once when I do it. I'm the local IT guy too, just like you all.

I'm hooked up to our workgroup with my Surface Pro3. I can't remember exactly how I did it, but you have to reject the homegroup option and then dig around for the workgroup in machine properties or someplace like that.
Larry, I had no issues either with my Surface Pro 3... but every since Paul updated his system, ALL the Windows 10 machines cannot see the older Win7 systems or the CNC which is Ubuntu Linux. So something got changed during a recent update, in either the Windows Firewall or Certificates.... and the only thing getting a "Certificate" proves I'm a certified crazy.

Wow, that's crazy, not you! I assume you've googled a description of the issue? A quick glance shows you are not alone. One person had success by logging with a password instead of a pin.


"Wow, that's crazy, not you!" Yea ME... it's my life!


The problem is I've wasted hours doing searches and only get more confused. I'm convinced MS has sabotaged all earlier Windows versions. Came in this AM and now even my Win7 doesn't show all PCs on the network, however I can "ping" them fine and my backup last night to my NAS went fine even though there's no sight of it in my network.




I cannot help noticing that my productivity has gone down after upgrading from Win7 to Win10. 

It could be that I also upgraded to SE8 at the same time. 


Anyway, menu refresh, sketch drawings, locating dimensions, etc. - all is very sluggish compared to SE7 on Win7.


I know I am a dinosaur still using ordered, but:

I started to use SE in 1999. I have the workflow in my fingers and in the back of my head. I waisted six motnhs in 2010 trying to learn SolidWorks and never achieved more than 20% throughput compared to SE.


I would say SE7 on Win7 is about 10-50% more efficient than SE8/MP6 on Win10/build10586, much slower menus, locating edges etc., and much worse on big assemblies and complex geometries.


So I am seriously considering reformatting my workstation, downgrading to SE7 on Win7...