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One of the themes throughout the video is that all these products move, from the speed around a race circuit of a Ten Kate motorcycle, to the articulation of an exoskeleton that helps children with disabilities perform everyday tasks. You can find out more about how Solid Edge users are taking advantage of built-in motion control, kinematic analysis and animation capabilities in Solid Edge to improve the performance of their products and showcase their designs to potential customers in this new Siemens blog post Solid Edge in motion


This is Fantastic!  Now get it out there for the world to see!


We really need to see this pushed out throughout the web! Great videos like this can only be effective if millions get to see it.


So don't just bury it in some lost corner of the Siemens Website.... please!



Siemens Genius

Thanks Bob - the video was just posted to YouTube last night - we are building a Solid Edge customer success stories playlist there which we will be promoting as hard as we can...our community can help of course by sharing with colleagues, friends, everybody....