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Stuff to do at SEU: Art Patrick on Assemblies


Anyone who knows Art Patrick knows that he knows his stuff, and often demonstrates that in an over-the-top sort of way. You have to keep inventing new superlatives for what he's able to do with some of the more advanced enhancements from ST7 and ST8 in Solid Edge assemblies.


artpatrickst8.pngIn this video, "Edge Seiki" uses an 11 axis synchronized controller and Art's special brand of Edge Mojo to demonstrate some of what you can do with this software. Along with some classic Van Halen, of course. Just what you need to get your humpday working.


Art says: "You have to use the API/ to drive it. I’ll call it extra for experts.

What it uses is:
- Limited Update (ST7)
- Path Offset Distance (ST8)
- Adjustable ASMs (ST8)
- Range Relationships (ST8)
- Video Generation API (ST8)


LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) technology is something that I was reading about
and its incorporation of 5-Axis Machining Centers. (Hybrid Manufacturing)
This is real technology available today.


As a guy that used to cut metal (Ex-NC guy) I thought this was really interesting so I modeled
this machine in ST8.


I had this 6 axis robot laying around so I said to myself, “Self, let’s put these together
cause I can LMD parts together and save a lot of time.”


Anyway, the real challenge was figuring out how to Synchronize multiple controls and movement.


If you count the Camera this is a 16 axis machine (5 Axis Mill, 6 Axis Robot, 5 Axis Camera)
When certifying the new release I always like to try and model something."


If you wanna meet Art, and other Solid Edge magicians, live in the flesh, you have to come to Solid Edge University in October in Cincinnati. I'm sure Art will be giving a couple sessions on stuff that will blow your mind.



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@ArtPatrick YOU DA MAN!  Awesome work!  Will the datasets and VB source code be shared at / after SEU15?  I'd love to see what you've done here.  Great video, inspiring to see SE produce such an animation.  

Siemens Phenom

@MattJohnsonPAC I can't speak for Art and his magic, but there is a sample delivered in the custom folder that demonstrates using the new animation API in ST8 that you can take a look at to at least become familiarized with that piece of the puzzle until then. The sample program is in the SolidEdgeMovieRecorder folder, with usage instructions in readme.txt.


Siemens Phenom

Brilliant video there, -but is't "this" what that other cad/cam system (NX) does ?
- CAM, LMD , Machine simulation, offline programming  etc etc ?




Siemens Legend

Hi everyone, to follow up:


- Matt, yes I will be discussing this at SEU.

   I used to drive this and will probably be discussing this at dev day.

- I used Greg's sample that is delivered with ST8 as the starting point for this.

  This sample has all the code needed to hook up and write out the Video Frames
  directly from SE. (Greg's a pro so his stuff is way better than mine)


- Tomas
   I did this to cert and test out some new ST8 functionality. I could just as easily have done a

   packaging machine (May do a K-cups filler later this summer) or some other Assembly with

   moving parts. I used to do a lot of NC programming and 3D Printing is interesting so

   I modelled that. I did not use CAM or any software to create this video.

   It's out of box SE plus custom API programming. Conceptually I wrote a program that

   interprets/processes a macro language similar to G-Codes and instructs SE what to do and

   outputs the video.






Siemens Phenom

I guess that what i am trying to say is that it might give people the impression that SE is/ does CAM, LMD, Machine simulation, Offline programming etc

 -due to this nice video.



Gears Esteemed Contributor

On the contrary Tomas........I see this as a showcase, and a brilliant one at that, of what Solid Edge animation can do [with the right amount of brain power].....very inspirational.

Gears Phenom

Great job Art(ist)!



Solution Partner Valued Contributor

This a great video and it should be exposed to a wider audience. Although it's hosted on Siemens PLM YouTube channel, it doesn't have the usual Siemens intro (as the official videos) and the fact that it doesn't have any sound makes it boring. Siemens PLM should take this video and show it to the world in a proper maner. Just my opinion.


By the way, great job Art!

Solution Partner Creator

Impressive !

We will put a link to the youtube video on our website.


Our customers will ask us some details...

Art, you said you used a few things from ST8 :

- Range relationship : Is there a new option in ST8 ? Range options is there since ST4 if I remember correctly

- Video generation API : is it what enables you to update the design during the video ? Or did you use the new variable motor from ST8 ?


I agree with Cadflow : it should be exposed to a wider audience (and it is what we are doing). Be careful with the sound, I prefer no sound than a bad one !

Siemens Legend

Thanks everyone for liking the video.


In ST8 the range relationship option has been enhanced. You are correct that this is not new but it now works like you expect in ST8. It limits travel distance without removing the degree of freedom.


I used the VB API to do this because of all the different actions that needed to occur.

Also, I wanted to control the Camera viewing position which we do not do so well in the current timeline UI


I did this to test out ST8 and to also get a feel for what is needed in the product so you don't need to use the API to make an animation/simulation like this.


This link has sound:


This link is a motion machine: