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Stuff to do at SEU: Roundtables


Sometimes the tables actually are round. Sometimes more of a U arrangement to accommodate more people. Either way, one of the best investments you can make for your company's ownership of Solid Edge software is to come to the Solid Edge Roundtable sessions at SEU16.


The roundtable sessions are all held on Thursday, October 27. You get to sit down with product planners and talk about your concerns, and hopes for the future. You might get a glimpse of something new, and all with the people who really make it happen.


The Part and Sheet Metal roundtable is led by Dan Vinson.


Cloud and Collaboration is led by Aditya Gurushankar


Draft, Translators and "other" led by Ricky Black and Steve Weatherwax.


Assembly and Routing lead by Ronnie Connerly and Art Patrick.




I agree...have a beef..bring it and serve it up at the roundtable!

Gears Phenom

One of the best thing at the SEU!