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Tips and Tricks from Forum Users #20

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Here's a collection of the most interesting tips and tricks derived from the discussions on the Solid Edge forum.

Due credit is given to respective contributors.


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1. How can I auto set dimensions that are whole e.g. 20.0 to 20 and dimensions that aren't whole to round off e.g. 20.50 to 20.5


The Tip: A single setting in the Dimension Style dialog - Units Tab - Zeros group - Turn Off Trailing Zeros should take care of both.



Contributor: @hawcad


2. I am creating copper pipes mostly using a 3D sketch and need to obtain the total length of the 3D sketch. Is there an easy way to get the total length automatically?


The Tip: You can use the Frame feature in the assembly environment.  You can create the 3D sketch using just lines and no need for drawing arcs. When you create a Parts List for the tube in the Draft sheet, adding the column for Cut Length will give the total length for the tubing as shown in this 1-minute video.



Contributor: @hawcad

Video by: @Tushar


3. I want to join two bent flanges together. Is there a feature that does this or will I have to create a tab on the top flange to get that face closer to the left flange?


The Tip: The Close 2-Bend Corner command will do the job. Here's a video:



Contributor: @kjoiner

Video by: @Tushar


4. Is it possible to move or change balloon position without deleting it?


The Tip: To reposition balloons on a drawing view along the Alignment Shape, drag the handles. Alternatively, cut-paste balloons and reattach them to the view as shown in this video:



Contributor: @arekkul

Video by: @Tushar


TipIcon.png Read about 51 uses of the ALT key in Solid Edge


5. After an auxiliary view is created, is there any way to redefine it? I want to change the view alignment. In a section view, it is very easy to realign or change view direction. Can't find similar modification way in an auxiliary view. Kindly suggest.


The Tip: Although there is no built-in method to modify Auxiliary views in Solid Edge, some ingenuity can go a long way in achieving the desired behavior and results. The following video illustrates this:



Contributor: @Imics

Video by: @Imics


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