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Two Ways You Can Support Solid Edge and Have Fun at the Same Time


One of the really great things about the CAD industry is that when it is working right, the industry and its customers support one another. Inudstry makes software that users apply to their businesses, and the users help promote the software to more users, who add resources to the cycle. Everybody wins when we all support one another. As a user or customer, you feel more confident about your decision when more people make the same choices.


So here are some opportunities for users to show a little love for your CAD tool of choice, Solid Edge:


greenpowerracing.png1) Greenpower Greenpower is a chance for young people from around the world to get involved in engineering and racing electric vehicles. It's exciting and interesting to follow a team through their design, fabrication, and qualification events. C'mon, I'll bet you wish you could do this. I know I do. If you are in the UK on October 12, 2014, you can attend the Greenpower finals held at Goodwood. If you don't have a team to root for, we do have a team from the US competing - Huntsville City Schools. Siemens PLM is an ongoing Greenpower sponsor.







henryfordmuseum.png2) Henry Ford Foundation Siemens PLM is also sponsoring the Henry Ford Foundation, which includes the Henry Ford museum, the MakerFaire events, and various on-line publications.


The Henry Ford Museum is not just about Ford automobiles, it is much more broadly about American invention. This is stuff that's interesting to a whole family, and it is well worth the trip makerfairebikes.pngas a destination for a family vacation. With the theme of American invention, it's easy to see why they are associated with the MakerFaire, which is a gathering of tinkerers, intentors and DIYers.


The Henry Ford Museum is of course located in Detroit, Michigan, but you can find MakerFaire events all over the world.

Community Manager

Great stuff. Definitely think how you can become a part of some of these initiatives globally. Our own Sean Webb (he is attending college and interning for us) is featured in this GreenPower video. Its worth a watch to get inspired by this young man and the program that inspires our future engineers...



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In a real world run by employees of a company that had as it's goal the overall profitability of the corporation and it's lifeblood known as customers what you say makes perfect sense. It IS a synergy of two way benefits where both the buyers AND the sellers support each other through word and deed. Sad to say and even commented upon by Ralph Grabowski who heard with his own ears onstage last SEU from leaders of SE Siemens at the behest of certain UGS/NX people has decided to sell SE down the river. It is why there has been no significant multi-year effort with cohesive strategy to promote SE. Dan Staples and Karsten Newbury are tops in their fields and abilities but those above them with control of the purse strings do not want SE to have great market share success because they fear they might lose a few NX sales. Siemens at this time does not want us to have the addition benefits that growing market share would bring to us as users and the proof is why in the world has Siemens not pursued the huge SW market there for the taking with minimal effort? Politics from certain long time UGS employees have determined it should be this way and so all of SE suffers from Karsten on down. Buy SE because it is a superb product that will work for you and make your company more profitable and efficient based upon it's own merits. Do not buy SE and labor under the illusion that Siemens is going to get behind you like any rational company would.

"Siemens at this time does not want us to have the addition benefits that growing market share would bring to us as users and the proof is why in the world has Siemens not pursued the huge SW market there for the taking with minimal effort?"



@DaveAultDave I must take issue with this comment.


Just what "additional benefits" would the existing user base see by pursuing the SW market? It's a bit ironic how you claim that a "growing market" benefits the user, yet SW has had what you seem to envy, and yet the product has floundered for the past 5 years, while corporate used all the added revenue to chase a "cloud". In fact I would go as far to say that the arrogance that Dassault has shown to their installed SW base is exactly what none of us want here. To me Solid Edge keeps getting better and better, and from everything I've read or heard from the installed SW community, is that SolidWorks has only gotten buggier and there's very little new stuff.... well unless you consider getting a new Kernel and moving to the cloud progress.


So my suggestion is to be careful what you wish for. Do I think everything Siemens does regarding marketing makes sense... of course not. But I also know what I don't know. And there's were I leave these decisions to those with all the information in front of them. Personally I wake up everyday and make sure Solid Edge is making me more efficient and effective in my job. And when I see how much Synchronous has improved this for me, I have no complaints what's so ever.... Brilliant Technology that proves Siemens IS very interested in making Solid Edge better and is not threatened of it robing sales from NX.


Do I wish that the SEU convention had 2,000 or more attendees... actually NO. This is just my personal opinion and my saying so at SEU14 was greeted with a bit of dismay by many. I prefer an smaller "engaged group" then a large mass of conventioneers having fun. So I believe this big convention style of meeting is throwback to the past, where "company brochures and company swag" are the artifacts of a time long gone. The Internet has displaced the need for such large crowds. It's too bad that the marketplace gets all wet over the number of attendees to these conventions but that was all they had to measure a companies success. Now don't get me wrong I think everyone should attend these events, since they are worth every moment you spend there... But how much money and time do I want Siemens to spend on promoting SE to SW users, versus direct development of Solid Edge and it's responsiveness to it's installed user base? This is what I care more about.


So when you say "why in the world has Siemens not pursued the huge SW market there for the taking with minimal effort?" I think you are fooling yourself as to just how much that really costs, or how long a process it can be... especially given the world economy right now.


But while they're are moving too slow for you, I have nothing but great respect in what Karsten and everyone at Siemens is doing. I'm mostly focused on the progress with the Software that I use every day, and it's definately been moving in the right direction. And for me that's what is most important.



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Hi Bob,

  Look, don't confuse my desire to see a large user community with what I am talking about here. While that would be nice it was only a vehicle in my eyes to drive greater market share for SE. Which by the way was what brought me onto this whole scene years ago. The idea that market share must be grown in order to allow for greater opportunities for SE users. I am not going to apologise nor be ambivalent about this deliberate sabotage of SE and it is the direct reason Don Cooper no longer works here.

  This has nothing to do with the abilities of Dan or Karsten and I have had nothing but good things to say about them throughout this whole mess. They are qualified, focused and directly responsible for things not being worse than they are. Great software and great leadership  prevented from having the success they deserve by those who do not want SE to succeed beyond a certain level.

  As you yourself reminded me a while back don't get to excited and fanboi-ish about all this stuff as it is only a tool.  As I would say today however get excited about all this stuff because it affects the potential for additional user income and not because of some idea of community which I have certainly given up on.


  Finally I would say that above and beyond the personal knowledge I have over the years of what is going on you might ponder the idea that Ralph Grabowski was told basically this very same thing by by people from SE while onstage with them at SEU2014. Comments made to him that Siemens hinders efforts to promote SE and he has said this publicly. Not that they can't do things right or that they don't have the money to do things right but that they have chosen to hinder.


 I you want to get excited why not sit down and ask yourself how come a big company with the golden opportunity Dassault has given them for YEARS has refused to capitalise upon this most generous gift. Get mad at the source of the problem and not me.


 I figure at this rate Karsten will join Don when his contract is up in leaving unless things change. Can you imagine being in his shoes with all that talent and then be told you can only succeed to this level we impose upon you and not to the level your ability could take you? I most certainly would not stay. 


 Great software and just like I said five years ago deliberatly hidden under a rock. Full circle after a period of great expectations followed by hope then followed by reality and back to being under a rock.

Ralph Grabowski is an unapologetic died in wool AutoCAD fan, since he made his living writing books on it for the past few decades. He's never liked Solid Edge, and I suspect his version of what was said to him at SEU14 got twisted around in his bias filter. Sorry, but I weight Ralph's views with much skepticism and my guess if there's any "sabotage" going on here it's by Ralphie boy. As to why Solid Edge keeps advertising on his newsletter may simply be to keep him from being even more underhanded.

I have to agree with both of you.



I agree that we don't see much marketing materials, promotional programs and such from Siemens PLM period. That includes the other Siemens PLM products too! I will say that Siemens PLM is doing a better job getting their brands promoted than in the past.

As to internal company pundits and such, well, I'm not on the inside so I can't clearly defend nor oppose those debates.

From a business side you do have to look and manage product cannibilaztion carefully. That is truly what you might be experiencing here. When you have two different products that share a common customer base it is difficult to manage cannibalization. When you introduce a second product the idea is to increase your market share by decreasing your competitors market share. This can burn an organization if it has the effect of moving your existing customers over to your other products. 

This is where, I feel, your comments are really focused. We would all like to see a larger user base for the Siemens PLM products. To do this you need to take your competitions market share! Usually, by building brand recognition and exposure. That is coming slowing from Siemens PLM. But building brand is not an easy task either.



I agree wholeheartedly, that to change from one system to another is not a simple process and needs to have some significant ROI numbers for an organization. Add all the passion and resistance to change from current staff and the stakes are even higher. But on the other hand, you can look at many products that were historically better products that faded away. The Marketing 101 course will talk about VHS vs BetaMax video tape.

I believe, that Dave (and I don't want to put words in Dave's mouth for him) is expressing his concern that SE may go the way of BetaMax. And is voicing his concerns. You can't fault people for a passion for something and defending it.


Best Regards,



Ryan, Yes I agree totally. I know Dave well enough to understand his frustrations, and as I hinted, I don't entirely disagree with him. I was just trying to dampen his "conspiracy theory" that Solid Edge is being forced into this by upper powers.


Like you, I can appreciate market powers and the fine line companies such as Siemens need to work within. But to think that they would purposefully let a product like Solid Edge suffer, in "hope" for better sales for NX, is simply hard to fathom. SE and NX serve different markets, and what may appear to us silly from looking in on the outside of these decisions, probably has plenty of data to support it. The problem is that every User and Company has different needs therefore each has their own perspective as to how successful SE is or isn't. Maybe if Dave thinks NX is getting all the good stuff, he ought move on up to NX.... then he can go to PLM World and enjoy the huge but disinterested crowds and tell them what they're doing wrong.


The funny thing is that Dave's gripes are purely about the marketing of SE and his desire that SE blow past SW in seat counts. And although I admit that would be great to see, I think we can all admit this would be more of an emotional victory then proving which product is superior. You see there's never any SE users/convention attendees, no matter how many there are, standing behind my back while I work to give me support or comfort. But what we all have when working is the dedication and confidence in the Solid Edge family.


Over the years I've probably spoken to almost everyone at Solid Edge. Karsten, Dan Staples, Jeff Walker, Dan Vinson, Art Patrick, Matt Lombard, etc., all the guys in Development, of course everyone in GTAC, as well as a lot of folks here on this forum. SE users have always had easy access to all of them, and they are all more then willing to listen to our gripes and needs... then do their utmost to follow through and get the user answers.


So I dare anyone to show me another CAD software company with such an impressive lineup, and still the Users have the such easy access to these people.


Anyway I'm going on and on... you see I can get emotional too! But it's my sincere appreciation for all their hard work, that I think everyone needs to be remember. I just felt I needed to take exception to what I feel is Dave's off base conspiracy theory.




Our shop is in hip Brooklyn NY near the Pratt Institute and I meet young ID types all the time. I'm pretty sure I have never met one that has ever heard of Solid Edge. SW is what they have taken classes in and it's what they know. When I tell them about SE they think it must be a dumber version of SW. I don't think this is right. However, belonging to a small club has it's advantages, for sure. I do feel like I have a real voice in the direction the software is developed even if it is a small one.




Along this line - of building a brand - I would like to call your attention to a small but significant change that I just noticed today. In your browser tabs, the Siemens PLM Community always just sported the symbol of whatever browser you are using. But today, we have an S on a teal background. Although I'm sure it's not, it almost looks like a "logo". Regardless, to me, it makes the site more recognizable. I'm sure this thing has another name, but I always called it the "fav.ico" or Fav Icon, because that's the name you give the image by default. I didn't receive any official notification this was going to happen, but it's been something I've been asking for. Hooray for the simple things.


Larry, I think your experience is typical and is one of the things that frustrates Dave and many others... including me. But like the corporations, schools tend to stick with what they know or who they have teaching it..... not that it's the best product.


I got a hoot out of my SolidSmack newsletter this AM when I read what all the SW users are all wet over in SW 2015.... seems like Solid Edge has had most if not all these "new features" for years, Plus we have Synch to boot. Maybe someone who knows more can speak more specifically, but from my reading this, I wasn't too impressed.




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Hi Matt, I thought you put the fav icon out there as an administrator. It looks refreshingly good.


Gears Honored Contributor

The Robot manufacturing company I work for has two departments: software development, where I work and Design - where they use Solid Works.


Whereas Development uses humble 4 GB RAM machines which are sufficient for programming purpose, the Design department has 16 GB RAM machines and their budget for upgrading to more RAM has been sanctioned.


Upon closer inspection I found Solid Works seizes a whopping 6 GB+ of RAM with no documents open yet, while Solid Edge back on my home computer was found happily living in just under 200 MB in the RAM, again with no docs open. @dcstaples and team have definitely scored a home run with the first ball of the match. Such plain facts to begin with, are ample to prove who is dumber. SE Surfacing, Sync Tech and Sheetmetal are distant targets to catch up with for all out there including SW.


In retrospect, the prodigious and brilliant students back in my school were always the silent ones and DID form a small club. They were never seen standing gathered around in unnecessarily large numbers by other fellow students or engage in chatter, nor felt need to bother about what the other who gathered in large numbers were trying to hide behind the noise made.


Also, their counterparts in higher grades were admired and praised by the school management in different ways than they did for the prodigies in my class since both sections had different aspirations and needs.

As a member of the small club of toppers and achievers in school, I never felt being over-shadowed or side lined just because our fellow prodigies in senior classes were praised, appreciated and promoted in their own unique ways.


Tushar Suradkar


Gears Phenom



Everybody is right as always! Smiley Wink

I think the key of the success: Critical Mass!




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Bob, Just tuned in here again and read what has been posted. I have spent some time with Ralph and he is not against SE nor is he a mindless Autodesk guy. It just happens to be what he has earned some money with just like Matt did with SW. Ralph is very interested in SE and spent some significant time with me two years in a row at the universities talking about SE and SW. Kind of like when I met Matt just before the release of ST3 and you BBS guys were wondering why I was consorting with "the enemy".  Not any of what we talked about made it into press but it was the kind of conversation you have with another software user who likes to keep informed and is genuinely interested in the topic at hand. Ralph accurately reported what was said on stage whether you like it or not. It has been a puzzle to him why SE was being muzzled too and so he asked and was told. He figured as I did a couple of years ago that history was in the making as we watched and expected an SE rising star to prevail over SW.


     Ralph in the past did have a bad feeling towards the old UGS and or Siemens ( I forget which now) bunch because they did not pay their bills from him for advertising at one time. I suspect it was under the old Bruce Boes regime.


    About conspiracies and seeing things where there are none. Got an email today for PLM World regional Summits in Atlanta 11-06 but SE was not in there. Have not received my SE ST7 Summit regional roll-out notice as of yet. Karsten joins Don in leaving SE and Siemens entirely. I don't know about you but to me knowing these guys are gone says smoke does mean fire. True driven qualified and dedicated guys like this do things for a reason. And actions speak louder than words and so does lack of action. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff you do not know Bob and don't get so excited. SE is just a tool of the trade as you reminded me some time ago. Whether it sinks or swims does not matter since we personally still have a best in class tool to use.


Dave, You seem to have fallen into the "Jon Banquer" realm of commenting about CAD.... if it doesn't meet your standards or perception of what should be happening, you immediately go into this overwrought reaction as if the SE world is coming to an end.


Your impulsiveness and disregard for the people you call out just seems misplaced, since you are not in the "inner circle" to know first hand what truly is going on. As the old saying goes there's 3 sides to every story. Yours, mine, and somewhere in the middle you'll find the Truth.


But although I don't disagree with some of your premonitions and concerns, I don't understand your insistence on accusing everyone is involved in some sort of conspiracy to kill Solid Edge. The point is you are basing all your feelings and emotions based on things that fit your viewpoint.... which is fine, but again I feel your going public with this in this manner over the past few years is totally misplaced. This is the same subtle behavior I've seen from Ralph over the years.... and learning his bitterness was based on NOT getting paid from UGS, speaks volumes as to his credibility. And it must be true because you just said it, and why would you lie?


Point is you waste more **bleep** time speculating on the future of Solid Edge then maybe you should. But what really befuddles me is just what is your goal here. Do you really think when you switch over to AC Inventor you'll be done with type of stuff. There will be the same politics and poor decisions being made there too... in fact if you ask me Inventor has been stalled for 3 or 4 years and is riddled with old AutoCAD mindsets that I doubt will ever move beyond the same turf battles so seem to despise at Siemens.


Again I just wish I could figure out what you see as the goal here. Again it's starting to remind me of those Jon Banquer opinionated rants, that seem to be written simply to boost his own self importannce. After awhile it just becomes irratating.


OK you hate something about Solid Edge management... fine. But If you're that convinced Siemens Management is impacting your business, then why are you willing to waste so much time speculating and writing about "things other people said" then running your business. I'm sure you'd just love to have someone speculating on everything you've done wrong with running your business.