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We've just increased your chances for eternal glory and riches - and extended the deadline...



seu16renderingcontest10.pngOk, so "eternal glory and riches" is possibly a bit of an overstatement. It did, however, get your attention.


Eternal glory is actually bragging rights for seu16renderingcontest9.pngwinning the SEU 2016 Rendering Contest (and no, you don't have to be present to win). We will make you famous by putting your rendering with your name on it up on the big screen at the event!



seu16renderingcontest5.pngseu16renderingcontest4.pngseu16renderingcontest6.pngAnd Riches are of course the great stuff that you can win: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes! Stuff like a Lenovo Yoga Tablet, an upgrade to Keyshot Pro 3D or a 3DConnexion Spacemouse Enterprise Kit. Wow, that's a load of stuff, right? seu16renderingcontest2.pngseu16renderingcontest8.pngAnd there are not that many entries, plus, my entry is not even eligible. So your chances are pretty good.



Plus we've extended the deadline until October 14. Have a little fun with it.


Check out some of the existing entries. If you want to sign up, just read the rules and submit your entry.


Rendering is just another language for communicating your designs to non-technical folks. They might not be able to make sense of a multi-sheet drawing, but if you put some splashy colors on it, a little perspective and seu16renderingcontest3.pngseu16renderingcontest17.pngmaybe some shadows, well, anybody can understand that. So his contest is just helping you learn to mass communicate! Take advantage of the practice and the cool prizes.


Need some inspiration? Here are a bunch of renderings I've done from my own models.