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What Is the Most Anticipated Enhancement in ST7?


It's July, and in Solid Edge land, July means new release time. I've been trying to show some of the new features in the new release, as well as some of the Solid Edge University presentations talking about new features. So as the new software gets ready to ship, and customer anticipation should be fairly high, what new features are you looking forward to most? How do you plan on using the new features? Are you going to start using ST7 as soon as you get your hands on it or do you have to wait?


For me personally, it's the simple things like the Quick View Cube, the primitives and Keyshot.

Solution Partner Genius

Draft, the ability to make details from an assembly of single parts or assemblies

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Since I participate in BETA, I've been using it for several months now and tend to start to appreciate everything.  The View Cube will easily be one of the most heavily used new features for sure but I also like the feedback in sketching.  These are things every user will use every day.


So a random list of other niceties... Material Table, Template management, primitive features, Part to Sheet Metal, KeyShot, finite curve lenth, 3d sketch everywhere, Part views from Assembly view, center of mass in drawing views, coordinate dimensions in draft, units enhancement.


The rest is important but the above list stands out for my environment.


Of note, the work on the "golden hour" is equally important as the rest as it allows new users the ability to come up to speed more quickly and existing users to do the same for new features as well as discover things about old features they may not have known before.  This is an area that I feel cannot be left alone and would like to see more of in future releases.