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What’s New in ST10: 3D Sketch and PathXpres


whats-new-st10-3d-sketch-pathxpres-1.pngThe 3D Sketch environment was added several releases ago, and in ST10 it is being enhanced to help you work in some of the environments that require 3D wireframe type data. Specifically, PathXpres is now available in 3D sketch under the name Routing Path.  This helps you get point-to-point straight line segment 3D sketches quickly.


whats-new-st10-3d-sketch-pathxpres-2.pngAnother 3D Sketch enhancement in ST10 is that the cursor for line endpoints automatically snaps to the center of a circle or arc when you hover over an edge. This makes centerline sketching much easier.

If you want to snap to another keypoint such as the endpoint of an arc instead of the center, use the Shift key.

Also, when you drag that line out from the center point, you get a Coaxial relation, as shown in the screen capture.

All of this is obviously intended to make tube/pipe layout easier.


Is there any chance we can import a dwg/dxf to a 3D sketch?



dxf wireframe type elements can be brought into a part and used as a part of a 3D sketch using the 3D Include command. Is that what you mean?



Not exactly. I want to take a dwg with 3D wireframe and point objects  and import it into SE as a wireframe and points. Right now I have to open it in acad and export it to IGES, then import that to a set of uneditable "curves".  The data is coming from a surveying tool. There is one other person on the forum with this same problem that I know of.



For 2D dxf data, I import a 2D editable sketch. Would you be able to send me possibly a 3D DXF to play with? I've worked with 3D IGES data, and it's like you say, uneditable curves.


Also, can you get where you need to go with the 3D Include? Or just sketching over the sections that you need?


Right now splines don't work in 3D sketch, and we use the Keypoint curve, which is editable. I don't know any real info about this, but I would imagine that the plan is to look into including 3D splines into the 3D sketch at some point to replace Keypoint Curves.


Also, how large physically are these DXF drawings? Meaning the physical features they represent? In sketchers there is sometimes a size limit, like within a 1000m cube.


Hi Matt, I have a small file to send you, actually it's a dwg, but it's all the same thing really. How do I send it? I can't figure out how to attach a file.