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What’s New in ST10: Wrapped Cut




whatsnewst10sheetmetal1.pngThis is another topic request from the forum. It wasn’t requested directly, but there was a discussion about this functionality, and I just wanted to clear up what the actual enhancement entails. There was a mention on the forum that you could now bend and unbend in Synchronous mode. That is sort of true, but possibly not in the way you might think.

whatsnewst10sheetmetal2.pngIn Synchronous, when you create a cut that cuts into a bend, you now have the option to select the Wrapped Cut setting, the cut will act as if the part were flattened , cut , then rebent, but there is no actual fold/unfold or bend/unbend command. The software shows the part visually flattened, and then reforms it.

This holds true for cylindrical cuts as well as rectangular, but if a change is made later such that the cut only touches one flat face and the bend, it will fail.



whatsnewst10sheetmetal5.png Another new option within the Cut command is the Face Normal Cut Types. The Thickness Cut will always cut the material normal to the sheet face – as if it has been cut in a shear, not like it has been cut by an end mill.


In this case shown, a circle was drawn on the top face, and then cut through the angled and flat panels. The shape cut out on the angled panel is an elongated oval, but the walls of the cut are not parallel to the first cut, they are normal to the angled face of the angled panel. Sheet metal tools all cut the material normal to the face


Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @MLombard




this now makes me a little surprised!


This functionallity IMHO is nothing new for ST10.

Such cut-outs are done for several versions of sync sheet metal.


See here the same features in ST9





I thought that when reading the ST10 What's New that here is something really new.






Maybe this applies more when you are moving the flange that the cut is wrapped onto. I don't have ST9 on my computer, so I can't compare how this works side-by-side. The What's New doc says:


Wrap cuts were enhanced to preserve the original design intent as you move a cutout.

For example, as you move the face, the cutouts remain consistent."


The entire cut moves when you move the wrapped flange. Is the warning message also new?

Honored Contributor

I hope the wrap cut can start and or end in the plastic zone and maintain a normal relation to the sheet metal surface. Also I hope this is not "disallowed" when cutting throught the seem of a 2 way or 3 way corners.


If all that works, then many of my issues are solved.


This is how I expected the "Normal cut" work work right now.