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YouTube and Community are Right in the Software



To get the Solid Edge Community Blog feed right in your Solid Edge window, go to the View tab, then on the far left, click the Panes dropdown list. This brings up a pane you can either dock inside the SE window or float to another monitor just to keep tabs on what's going on over here.


solidedgecommunity.pngClick on any of the blog post titles, and it will bring you here for the rest of the story.


You can also get a YouTube pane to show that not only shows featured Solid Edge video content, but will also allow you to record a quick video to YouTube so you can share it on the Community Forum. Sharing quick


videos is a great way to communicate either your question or your answer. If your computer has a mic, you can even add sound to your forum post.


These things are worth checking out. Getting or offering help is a great way to keep advancing your skills or learn new areas that you don't necessarily use every day.

Matt, Is there anyway to upload using YouTube without having to signup... I'm not interested in anything involved with FaceBook, Twitter, or Google. I simply don't like, nor trust any of these 3 service. Bob

@BobMileti  you can easily create a "throw away" for this purpose.


Create an account with non personal info...


Matt, It's not so much the email, etc. but the content even though one can keep this stuff "private", is NOT really private based on their privacy policies, now is it?


Someone like Siemens doesn't care so much about what content they put up since they want the exposure.... I on the other hand, am not all that willing to put my stuff on these sites.




@BobMileti,  aha,  gotcha...


I reckon I would never (INTENSIONALLY) put something online that wasn't for (PUBLIC) viewing.


I understand the concern and think it's a valid one... BUT, I personally don't get overly concerned, but admit i've never really read any of those "terms and conditions" either...




Why would you want to put something on YouTube that you didn't want people to see? Dropbox might be a better option. Or put it on a floppy disk and put that under your mattress.Man Tongue


Matt(s) The problem is most SE users have other jobs. In my case 95% of my work with Solid Edge is on customers projects. For me to stop and make a separate demonstration Assembly or Part is more work then it's worth. So what you and many at companies like Siemens fail to appreciate is Solid Edge to you is YOUR product. But to me it's a tool I use with many others to create MY product. This distinction, although subtle is the major problem. I could NEVER ask my customers to help them sell and support MY product(s) or company. I can't even get them to send me a recommendation due to all of my customer's company policies.


Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that there's this community and the support from other SE users. But it's not as easy to participate as you may think. Just think of how many companies don't even want their Solid Edge user to post here. I know the idea of the "old newsgroup" is dead, but at least there we had a certain amount of "assumed" privacy.


Anyway, my point is not meant to be negative, but just an explanation as to why I'm not interested is using YouTube, Google, Twitter or any other internet service designed to mine data.



Gears Honored Contributor

...designed to mine data.


- that was an eye opener Bob, especially since they do thier job so recklessly.


Bob, I understand. When I was working projects, I didn't publish customer stuff. When I published stuff it was something I worked on in my own time or I had permission to show. I did it in place of advertising or marketing. So it always had some value to me.


But sometimes the only source of practical advice that goes beyond tech support is from people who do the same sort of work.You can't really ask GTAC a question about design or human factors or fatigue.


GTAC, I believe, has a standard privacy policy, and they/we can't use customer data publicly without permission. So if people are concerned about privacy and they have tech support questions they want answered, GTAC is certainly the way to go. These forums are open to everybody. That might not be stated explicitly anywhere, but it should be part of the web-aware common sense that we expect everyone to exercise on their own behalf.


We're not trying to get anyone to give up stuff of value. We're just trying to make it easier for people to share things for whatever reason they have.


There is also a section of this community which is for subscription holders, just like the old newsgroup. It is completely unused, even though it was a condition that we all bargained for, while migrating over from the other site.


This website is horrid... I just lost a 15 minute post due to being logged out after I started my reply to Bob, and the Solid Edge community.


Well I won't be rewriting it.


This site is about as user friendly as it is easy to find answers to questions on YouTube that aren't in German and for the wrong version of Edge.