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Solid Edge Blog

Solid Edge University Chicago is underway and off to a great start! Get the day 1 recap here
This first part discusses the equivalents of the SolidWorks API with those in Solid Edge for application and document handling.
How to Recognize Holes and Hole Patterns and take Create 3D, Scale Body, Part Copy commands to the next level.
Explanation of features in various bundles.
Join us at IMTS 2018 in Chicago September 10-15 where we’ll be sharing the latest manufacturing solutions and technology alongside our friends from NX...
Feature Based Machining is a great way to quickly create tool paths for prismatic models. Find out more in this post.
Plant layout design maximizes production capacity while minimizing costs and can lead to a happier, safer workplace for laborers. Read more about how ...
Solid Edge Tips and Tricks based on discussions in the forum.
Find out about the latest in tool path technology with Solid Edge CAM Pro