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Solid Edge Data Management Takes a Rapid Start

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager


What’s the demand for Solid Edge data management? I just returned from Solid Edge University (#SEU16), and it was great to meet with Solid Edge customers and learn how you're managing your designs and data.


From big customers like Kimball International, to smaller one-person design firms, the folks I spoke with ran the gamut of collaboration challenges and needs to grow from Solid Edge Insight or SP to a more comprehensive product data management (PDM) solution, like Teamcenter Rapid Start.


I spoke with one woman from a smaller company of five designers who said she had no idea why her product wasn’t selling until she found out the salesperson had a problem with the design. She only found it out in passing hallway conversation … and it was just by chance that it came up. She could see how useful Solid Edge data management would have been to have a system to connect and collaborate between engineering and other parts of her business – sales, purchasing, manufacturing – so they could work together to deliver the right product for the customer.


Another customer just rolled out Teamcenter, so they can connect multiple locations on a single server. They said they couldn’t do that with SolidWorks PDM … and in their case, internet or cloud-based options wouldn’t meet their security protocols to lock down their data. For their small IT budget and engineering staff, Teamcenter Rapid Start was the right solution to work with both Solid Edge and SolidWorks data. They installed PDM quickly, and they only needed two days of admin training and three days of user training to be up and running.


Preconfigured PDM.JPG

For many Solid Edge customers, it can seem like a big jump from Insight or SP to Teamcenter. It’s not such a big jump after all when you deploy Teamcenter Rapid Start. Instead of starting from a blank slate, Solid Edge customers can deploy a preconfigured PDM solution in 2-3 weeks. You know exactly what you're getting, at what price, and in what timeframe – which is especially important for smaller businesses that don’t have the IT staff or support for a large-scale, custom deployment. And with Teamcenter Rapid Start, you can grow from Solid Edge data and process management to a PDM solution that extends beyond engineering to include everyone in the business who works with product development and manufacturing.


So if you’re a Solid Edge customer, now is the time to take a closer look at Teamcenter. With the launch of Solid Edge ST9, you can see that the Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge is more intuitive than ever. Active Workspace is embedded in Solid Edge, and it’s a simple way for anyone else in the business to collaborate with engineering data and processes.

Learn how you can get off to a fast start with Solid Edge data management using Teamcenter Rapid Start.


SEU16: Day 3


SEU has a lot of exciting moments, but none quite as anticipated as the awards and Sneak Peek of the Wrap Up Session.




We announced the winners of the rendering contest last night, Fiorini, Espinosa, and Teemu.



There were 18 new Solid Edge certifications awarded during this year's event. Congratulations to all of you!



Special awards were given to Melissa Schultz, Matt Johnson, and Peter Llewellyn for their work with starting or maintaining Solid Edge user groups. There should be a lot of special mentions in here too.



And for Community participation, there were several people called out, a few of which weren't actually at the event. Jan Bos, Sean Cresswell, Dave Chadwick (Siemens), Ken Grundey, Matt Johnson, Dave Merritt (Siemens), Ryan McVay, Bruce Shand, Tushar Suradkar. Thanks to these and to everyone else who really helps make the Community a go-to web destination for Solid Edge users.



Maybe the most anticipated award of the night was the Boxx giveaway. This went to...drum roll please... Scott Melegari. I hope his new Boxx comes with the Solid Edge community set up as his home page. I don't know Scott, but maybe with his new found fame he can regale us with his tales of victory, how he came away with the Boxx when there were so many Solid Edge Community fans vying for the same prize. Or maybe not. Time will tell.


And of course you can't forget the ST10 Sneak Peek. Last year, Jeff Walker showed a slide with all of the ST9 projects on it - with most of them scratched out with a magic marker. This year he was getting ready to show the whole list of ST10 enhancements when the screen went to static, allegedly because Dan Staples pulled the plug. I talked to Dan later, and he insists he was framed. All in good fun, of course.


We did get a list with some brief demos, however. Here's the list:


  1. Cut across bends, move the cut
  2. Scaled body – uniform and nonuniform
  3. Pattern along curve skip count – chains
  4. Shape recognition for patterning/cloning to multiple locations/irregular patterns
  5. Automatic route path – creates 3d sketch
  6. Built in rev mgmt, revision notes, duplicate files, team center offline mode, open draft directly from the part file
  7. Use pen in SE like in catch book to make analytical sketch shapes
  8. Create brep over mesh model – available in a week or so for beta testing.
  9. Convergent modeling – work with mesh model like you work with brep. ST10
  10. 3d print with cloud service 3yourmind


Thanks to everyone who made this year's event a big success. Attendance was up, everyone I heard with an opinion said this year's venue was a hit. We did hear lobbying from a certain quarter that the next event should be in San Francisco. That would be a great road trip. What do you think?

SEU16: Day 2


SEU day 2 was full of news.John Miller reminded us of why we do what we do. We make better software so you can get your job done faster. Simple enough.



Early on, Dan and his demo team went through the features that were added in ST9, since a lot of people have still not started using the new functions yet. It was a good reminder. The big reveal is tomorrow, when Jeff Walker talks about ST10. You've gotta come back for that. I'm kind of excited about some of the new stuff that will be announced. Definitely come back tomorrow.


Bill McClure announced his retirement, coming up in December of this year. He was presented with a first edition original Solid Edge box for the shipping product. We also had a cake for him later on at the museum party.



And then of course Bill cut the cake. 31 years with the organization, going back before the Solid Edge product itself. Congratulations, Bill. Visits to the office won't be the same when you're not there.




We also had some other fun at the museum. Some excellent food and drink, as well as Giant Jenga.


The culmination of the rendering contest was tonight. The winners announced.


First prize goes to Fiorini and his scooter.


Second prize goes to Ricardo Espinosa and his hotel room.




Third prize went to Teemu and his glowing tube amplifier.

Expanding horizons for automotive technology at SEU16

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Excellence and innovation in automotive technology was on display in the keynote presentations at SEU16 in Indianapolis today. From a young engineer who earned a placement at the Red Bull Formula 1 team, to a garage startup that now designs and manufacturers race winning off-road vehicles, to a company disrupting the traditional way that cars are designed and manufactured. And all using Solid Edge as a key tool in their success.


David Cullimore is a 23 year old engineer who now works for Prodrive, a UK company that has been behind some very successful racing teams including the Subaru World Rally Team and now Aston Martin Racing. David has not had a smooth path to his current position, he did not get the required mathematics grade for a traditional mechanical engineering university course, so chose to study industrial design where he could still follow his passion for automotive design and CAD technology. He also formed his own team to compete in the Greenpower challenge, a competition to design, build and race and electric powered vehicle using a stanard motor and battery. David has been incredibly successful in Greenpower, his first car won 24 out of 30 races entered, and he recently won the Greenpower international challenge in his latest Jet II design. David uses Solid Edge to design his vehicles, recently focusing on improving the packaging compared with his previous design, reducing the frontal area and reducing drag. The results speak for themselves.

IMG_0775.JPGDavid Cullimore presents his journey to a professional engineering career at SEU16Jerry Zaiden from Camburg Engineering recounted his journey starting in a garage in 1997, adapting an old Toyota truck to compete in local off-road events. Today Camburg Engineering employs 26 people and is a leader in the design and manufacture of trophy trucks that compete in some of the toughest, long distance off-road races. A focus for Camburg Engineering is the design of suspension systems - they measure the travel of their suspensions in feet! (2 feet for the front and 3 feet for the back). And this is not for show, it is a necessity for traveling at high speed over rugged terrain. Jerry uses Solid Edge for the his design work and showed a great progression in his designs from adapting standard trucks to developing complete "unlimited" vehicles. Jerry left the audience with three key takeaways, firstly dare to innovate - think ahead and constantly challenge what you are doing. Secondly, dont always go it alone, partner up where appropriate. And thirdly, keep the passion and enjoy the ride!


IMG_0787.JPGEvolution of off-road vehicle design by Camburg Engineering

 The third presenter on the automotive theme was Justin Fishkin, Chief Strategy Officer at Local Motors. Justin started with a video "The End" with the message that Local Motor's mission is "we exist to shape the future". Local Motors is certainly deploying a ground breaking business model for eample using "co-creation", crowd sourcing design ideas from a large number of enthusiastic participants, from young designers with radical design ideas to retired professionals with deep experience combined with their own design ideas. Some of Local Motors recent products include the first 3D printed car that has only 50 components, to Olli, a new driverless vehicle aimed at moving people efficiently for the "last mile". Local Motors have been using Solid Edge for their own design projects and it has been fascinating to follow their rapid progress in disrupting traditional automotive design and manufacturing practices.


IMG_0791.JPGA new approach to automotive design from Local Motors

We hope you enjoyed the keynote presentations at SEU16, all three presentations clearly demonstrated how, with perserverance and original thinking, you can overcome barriers to innovation. Let us know what you would like to see at SEU17!





FloEFD for Solid Edge introduced at SEU16

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

floefd square.jpg

A new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for Solid Edge was announced today at SEU16. FloEFD for Solid Edge from Mentor Graphics is embedded within Solid Edge and provides comprehensive but easy-to-use capabilities to analyze many different fluid flow problems; this solution helps users optimize their designs at an earlier stage in the product development process.


There have been several CFD solutions available to Solid Edge users but these typically require the users to export their geometry from Solid Edge to a separate application to perform the analysis. This is itself a tedious process but also makes it hard to incorporate changes in the design into the analysis.


Mentor Graphics describes FloEFD for Solid Edge as the only frontloading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool that is fully embedded in Solid Edge. Frontloading CFD refers to the practice of moving CFD simulation early into the design process where it can help design engineers examine trends and eliminate less desirable design options. FloEFD can be used to analyze heat transfer and aerodynamic issues across many industries (process plant, industrial equipment, HVAC and refrigeration, consumer products, automotive, aerospace and electronics for example) and covers many analysis types (stationary or transient flows, heat transfer, forced and natural convection, radiation heat transfer, rotation, fans and heat sinks, thermal and electrical contact resistance for example).


process ind.pngSome of the many analysis types supported by FloEFD in the process and industrial equipment industry

I spoke with Richard Ozaki and Chris Watson from Mentor Graphics at SEU16 and two key differentiators that they pointed out for FloEFD for Solid Edge are that firstly it is embedded within the Solid Edge environment for faster analysis setup and easier handling of design changes, and secondly the advanced meshing techniques they use are much faster than other solutions and require minimal simplification of your CAD models.

floefd2 chris watson.jpgChris Watson from Mentor Graphics introducing FloEFD for Solid Edge at SEU16

 You can check out more details on our FloEFD for Solid Edge web page.

Kenesto exhibiting cloud-based document management at SEU16

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Kenesto are demonstrating the latest version of their cloud-based document management software at SEU16 and will be showing how design departments can use their “Kenesto Drive” solution to replace local servers with a cloud storage solution that is specifically designed for engineers. According to Kenesto, engineers typically make frequent changes to their CAD files and if they are using cloud-based files storage solutions that are not specifically designed for engineers, there is a good chance that users can work on older files by mistake.  With the Kenesto Drive, users work just like they would on their own C: drive, but have exclusive access for editing and can implement file locking for other users - no more stomping on another user's edits. To get started you simply drag files to the Kenesto Drive, and users can easily work from home or when traveling, and can share selected files with external users when needed.

Solid Edge Glasses From The Drive for blog.pngThe Kenesto Drive works just like your C: drive, but vaults and shares your files in the cloud

 Some of the new capabilities that Kenesto are demonstrating at SEU16 include the ability to isolate parts and/or sub-assemblies when viewing a large Solid Edge assembly, and the viewer now automatically uses the same measurement units as the selected CAD files. And industrial equipment manufacturer Arnold Machine is presenting on their use of Solid Edge and Kenesto Drive at SEU16 – you can also read this blog post about how Arnold Machine is automating their equipment design process.

SEU16: Day 1




My take on SEU16 is going to be a little bit skewed. I wish I were sitting in technical sessions on programming or data management or analysis/simulation, but instead I was manning the booth chatting up community members. My usual workday consists of sitting by myself in my attic office with occasional interruptions from my assistant Zoe. Ok, Zoe is my dog. So any day I can get out of the house and talk to real people face to face is a good day. Many if not most engineers dream of working alone in silence, but too much of a good thing is often just that - too much of a good thing.


There were many faces missing from the reception tonight that I've grown accustomed to seeing at these events. You all know who you are, I don't have to call you out in public. Each of you were truly missed. Still, there were plenty of old and new friends here this year to make this reception feel positively huge. I've heard it described as "the largest non-Cincinatti SEU crowd ever". What that means in numbers I'm not sure I can say, but the reception room was large, and was full of people.


I heard from a lot of people who every year make a point to come to this event because they know that the things they learn and the relationships they establish both affect the quality and productivity of their tools for the coming year. Coming to SEU is an investment in your own future. Those who come every year wield an on-going influence on the future direction of their CAD tool of choice - Solid Edge.


This year some new seu16-3.jpgitems are going to be announced that I believe are absolutely key to the future of engineering in the modern age. This is part of the reason why I chose Solid Edge over other programs - I think they understand that a practical view of today and visionary look toward the future are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, do intersect. There is a continuous link between where we are and where we are going. Companies that believe in the "disruption" plan are desperate for a product development hole-in-one lottery shot, in contrast to the methodical, measured progress that helps Siemens customers plan for the future.


And until then I'm glad to greet comrmunity members at the booth or in the technical sessions. I'll get my chance at the sessions tomorrow. Thanks for everyone who stopped by today and chatted.

Solid Edge University 2016 Begins!


solidedgeuniversity.jpgSolid Edge University 2016 is starting! You know it's SEU when Jana Puetz is behind the desk. And yes, we are right across the street from Indianapolis Victory Stadium! Bet you wish you were here now. David Cullimore is in the house (@cullimoreracing). Some of the early sessions like Developer Day are getting started, and people are coming in.


If you are coming, but haven't showed up yet, stop by my booth, right next to the main registration desk. There are two main reasons to do this:


FIRST) There will be a drawing for someone to win a Boxx computer from all of the people who registered for both SEU16 and are registered community members. If you are registered for both, that's great. If you aren't registered for the community, that's where I come in. I'll help you get signed up.


SECOND) I have postcards to give away with the link to the new Synchronous Technology for the History-Based User eBook.


There will of course be much more to come.


Standard Parts- Installation of Standard Parts Administrator.

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Fasteners are an integral part of an assembly; they are used to affix two or more parts together. The following information will help novice users to understand the installation and administration of the Standard Parts functionality in Solid Edge.


Typical workflow to install Standard Parts

  1. Install Solid Edge
    • Solid Edge installation is pre-requisite for Standard Part Administrator Installation. 
      • Standard Part admin will not install without Solid Edge on system.
  2. Install Standard Part Administrator (SPA)
  3. Install Machinery Library
  4. Install Piping Library

Installation of Standard Parts Administrator

Solid Edge Standard Parts is a robust administration system that allows designers to use fasteners, bearings, structural shapes, pipes, fittings, etc. – quickly and efficiently. Models showing this level of detail make it easier to create complete bills of materials, get assembly weight and center of gravity, show more realistic pictorial views and renderings, as well as assist in the creation of assembly or maintenance instructions.


There are two major workflows of standard parts

  1. Standard Parts for single user
  2. Standard Parts for multiple users (network installation)

Standard Parts Administrator installation for Single User

  1. For single user SPA can be installed on C:\Solid Edge Standard Parts or any other location

Standard Parts Administrator installation for multiple users

  1. Install the standard parts on shared UNC location.
  2. Install the Management Studio to create the external database
  3. Configure the working database to external data base
    • Create external network database using database manager

Tech Tip to install Standard Parts Administrator for multiple user

Here we will discuss some tips to install Standard Parts Administrator.

  1. Best practices to Install Standard Part Administrator
    • If SQL is not detected on system, set up will start SQL Express Installation as part of Standard Part Administrator.
    • Create share where you want to install Solid Edge Standard Parts.



Note this path in UNC format

  1. \\<Machine Name>\<Shared Folder Name>2.png

 Run the Standard Parts Administrator setup exe



Once you run Standard Parts Administrator set up exe, you will see below dialog



Click on Next



Click on Next



Select ‘This feature and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive’



Click on Next and set the folder




Click on Next


Click on Install



 Start installing Standard Parts Administrator



Click on Finish to complete the installation


Once you scussefully install the standard parts SAC file will be seen on Solid Edge Options dialog under File Location.


To set the 'External network database' Click on 'Configuration Wizard'





Open configuration wizard and click on 'Browse'





Select 'External network database' from 'Database Manager'



Start Solid Edge on machine, start a new assembly. From Solid Edge Options-File Locations




After completing these steps, Standard Parts is ready to use with the free sample standard parts content. If you want to use the full content of Standard Parts libraries then you need to install Parts Libraries.

Stuff to do at SEU: Birds of a Feather



At some of the meals this year at SEU, we are going to have special themes for various tables. We call this "Birds of a Feather". And yes, the notion is that they will "flock together". So if you want to talk to other users about drafting standards, we have a table for that, and there will be a little banner at the table that will help all yall birds find each other.


Here are the table themes we will have (if we have forgotten some, please comment!)

  • Solid Edge Sychronous Technology
  • Solid Edge Large Assembly Design
  • Drafting Standards and Productivity
  • Solid Edge Special Applications and Engineering Analysis
  • Additive and Engineering Manufacturing
  • Cloud Enabled Solid Edge and CAD Administration
  • Programming in Solid Edge

We know you're shy, so we'll have a designated Siemens extrovert to start the conversation at each table ;o) (Geez, we need a designated color for snark...)


Anyway, I look forward to seeing you at SEU and talking shop over lunch!

New 3D printing partner Plural Additive Manufacturing exhibiting at Solid Edge University

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

plural1.jpgManufacturing parts to high tolerances and in a variety of materials is possible using Plural's 3ntr industrial-grade printers

Solid Edge users interested in finding out more about the latest 3D Printing and additive manufacturing techniques can hear directly from our new partner Plural Additive Manufacturing at SEU16. Plural’s emphasis is both on improving individual prototypes and on manufacturing high quality parts in appropriate volumes with a low cost per part.






 Ed Israel from Plural highlights these key areas that differentiate their additive manufacturing solution:


  • Price: parts at 50% less than the cost of traditional manufacturing including the cost of the printer, materials, and maintenance annualized over a multi-year period
  • Wide range of engineering thermoplastics: materials that  range from flexible to very hard and available to the manufacturer at market prices, not the captive pricing you see from many industrial 3D printer leaders.
  • Part Quality: ability to manufacture parts to some of the highest tolerances achievable with FDM (fused deposition modeling) based 3D printing. Highly repeatable for low volumes of 10’s to a thousand or more a month. 

Ed invites you to talk with him at SEU16 about 3D printing, the move to additive manufacturing, and how to determine your ROI before investing in the latest technology. Ed will also be exhibiting some of the many different parts they have manufactured and will be participating in a panel we are hosting on 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing. This should be a great opportunity for our Solid Edge users to hear from industry experts and other manufacturers about their experience with 3D Printing their Solid Edge models.


I look forward to hearing more from Ed about the recent developments in the additive manufacturing industry from a focus on creating individual prototypes to industrial scale manufacturing.


3ntr printers.png3ntr by Plural: affordable, industrial-grade printers








CAD Partner introduces "ScanToCAD" at Solid Edge University 2016

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

CAD Partner are a regular supporter of Solid Edge University and this year will be exhibiting their new Smap3D "ScantoCAD" solution in addition to their well known Smap3D Plant Design software.

scantocad.jpgSmap3D ScanTo3D will be demonstrated at SEU16

Smap3D ScanToCAD transfers high volumes of point cloud from 3D scans into Solid Edge easily and quickly . Smap3D ScanToCAD merges the various referenced scans or the individual scans into an overall project and transfers selected 3D geometry directly in Solid Edge.


CAD Partner will also present Smap3D Plant Design, a unique solution that allows you to bring P&ID data into Solid Edge for use in your design of process plant and equipment. If you want to use P&IDs, standard pipe specifications and isometric drawings in your Solid Edge design process, Smap3D Plant Design is a proven solution with several published case studies including from brewery equipment designer Kaspar Schulz.

Using the information from the P&ID to automatically generate pipes in Solid Edge significantly increases the speed and accuracy of the design process. Modifications to process plant design can be time consuming, but the integrated process chain provided by Smap3D allows implementation of all tasks in parallel. Best of all, changes can be made directly to parts and assemblies because Smap3D Plant Design automatically generates Solid Edge models. This allows the user to make changes at any time, to any part and assembly without the involvement of other software. 

smap3d plant design.jpgCAD Partner will also be exhibiting Smap3D Plant Design at SEU16

Benefits of Smap3D:

  • After choosing the pipe specs and diameter and pressure, the pipeline is automatically created
  • The completely integrated software then takes over the placement of curved pipes and bends
  • T-pieces, flanges and gaskets are also created
  • This reliable process reduces errors and saves significant time

So please stop by the CAD Partner booth at SEU16 to check out the new Smap3D ScanTo3D software and Smap3D Plant Design. Alternatively, if you cant make it to Solid Edge University this year you can access a free trial of Smap3D.



Getting Over Obstacles to Solid Edge Fast Search

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


For those who have installed Solid Edge ST9, you know by now that it now supports index-based search queries – a new option called Fast Search. While Fast Search is straightforward to configure, there can be obstacles (who would have thought?!) you may run into.

So let me point out the ones we are aware of, so you do not have to trip over them. Smiley Happy


Let us start with a fundamental pre-requisite for Solid Edge Fast Search: the Windows Search Service. Here is how Microsoft introduces it: “Windows Search is a standard component of Windows 7 … and is enabled by default. …”

What if it is not enabled? Here is obstacle #1.

While our experience shows that everyone’s PC has the Windows Search Service indeed started by default, occasionally we ran into a situation where a customer’s file server running Windows 2008 R2 didn’t have this service running. We do not recommend to have the startup type set to “Automatic (Delayed Start)”, as this can delay the indexing process unnecessarily.

Open the ‘Services’ application (click on the Windows Start button and type “services” into the search box) and make sure it is started automatically and run by the ‘Local System’ account.

Services.pngWindows' Services application

The question: ‘How does the Windows Indexer know about our Solid Edge properties?’ characterizes another vital pre-requisite for Solid Edge Fast Search. The short answer: through the installation of Solid Edge ST9.


Windows Explorer provides the easiest way to quickly validate this. Using the ‘Details’ view type go to any folder, right-mouse-button click on any column (i.e. ‘Name) and click the ‘More …’ button at the bottom of the menu.

Column RMB.pngWindows Explorer column RMB menu

This brings up a dialog with a long list of properties Windows knows about. Now hit the keys ‘S’ and ‘E’ on your keyboard and the selection in the list jumps to “SE Links”.

What if it doesn’t? That would make obstacle #2. (Example on the right)

Column details-correct.pngSE columns are listedColumn details-incorrect.pngSE columns are not listed

Missing the Solid Edge properties in the list are an indicator that something went amiss with registering the properties during the Solid Edge ST9 installation. A quick fix is opening the DOS terminal (click Windows Start and type “cmd” in the search window) and typing the following:

   cd "c:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Program"

   regsvr32 /s SEPropertyHandler.dll


Subsequently restart Windows Explorer (kill the ‘explorer.exe’ process in Task Manager (RMB on the Windows task bar) and also start it again via Task Manager) and you just mastered another obstacle!

Create New Task -explorer.pngrestarting Windows Explorer

Having squared away the fundamentals, we can now move on to the Solid Edge Options dialog and specify the location(s) of our CAD files by clicking on the ‘Set Locations …’ button.

Set_Locations.pngFast Search settings in SE Options dialog

Windows ‘Indexing Options’ dialog will come up and after clicking the ‘Modify’ button one can check the desired locations.

Indexing Options - modify.pngModify indexed locations

Did you notice the different shading of the folder icon? Here is obstacle #3.

folder icon shading.pngfolder icon shading

Make sure the folder that carries your CAD files shows in bold colors. Windows indicates with the dimmed folder color, it is not allowed to index the file contents inside these folders. Therefore, if the folder you are selecting for indexing is shown in a dimmed color, close the ‘Indexing Options’ dialog and go to Windows Explorer to open the properties dialog of the folder and check the box in the ‘Advanced …’ options.

advanced folder options.pngadvanced folder options

Make sure to click ‘OK’ on the following dialog:

advanced folder options II.pngapply to all subfolders

Go back to the Solid Edges Options dialog and click the ‘Set Locations …’ button.

The folder icon shows now in bold colors and the Indexer can do its part.


Hope this helped …

Game Changing Product Development


Join our game changing product development webinar series.  You will come away with ideas to enhance all aspects of your product development including topics such as design for manufacturing and getting control of your design data.

Register for these webinars here:



Game Changing Product Development

Webinar Series

Learn how to solve today's toughest product development challenges

Stuff to do at SEU: Roundtables


Sometimes the tables actually are round. Sometimes more of a U arrangement to accommodate more people. Either way, one of the best investments you can make for your company's ownership of Solid Edge software is to come to the Solid Edge Roundtable sessions at SEU16.


The roundtable sessions are all held on Thursday, October 27. You get to sit down with product planners and talk about your concerns, and hopes for the future. You might get a glimpse of something new, and all with the people who really make it happen.


The Part and Sheet Metal roundtable is led by Dan Vinson.


Cloud and Collaboration is led by Aditya Gurushankar


Draft, Translators and "other" led by Ricky Black and Steve Weatherwax.


Assembly and Routing lead by Ronnie Connerly and Art Patrick.



MechWorks demonstrating their DBSolidEdge PDM solution at SEU16

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

dbworks screenshot.jpgMechWorks DBSolidEdge will be exhibited at SEU16

We are pleased to welcome MechWorks to SEU16 (October 25th-27th in Indianapolis) where they will be demonstrating their DBSolidEdge PDM software. MechWorks are a valued Siemens Software & Technolgy partner and have been a consistent participant in our Solid Edge University events  over the last few years.


According to Glenn Ponter from Integrated Partner Solutions, the MechWorks distributor for North America "Our goal is to accelerate our customers design cycle within a secure environment that promotes design integrity and accessibility which helps your organization save money and increase profits. MechWorks PDM provides a Single Source of Truth. Locations like Title Blocks, Bill of Materials, File Properties, and Item Master records can all reflect the same accurate data without ever having to be typed more than once. Through our method of linking documents and data, design integrity is always guaranteed. MechWorks PDM can easily link documents and their data no matter the file’s type."


For their presentation at Solid Edge University 2016 MechWorks will focus on how they offer a comprehensive configurable solution for Engineering Change, including some new features. Glenn comments "Design integrity and costs can be greatly impacted by the engineering change process. While we realize that the core engineering change process follows a similar premise, it is invariably unique between departments and/or companies. MechWorks PDM provides for flexible process definitions that can be configured to fit each organization,s specific engineering change process." 


ecn.jpgEngineering change information is graphically represented in DBSolidEdge so users can quickly note needed information

 In addition to their presentation MechWorks will be available to answer questions from Solid Edge users and demonstrate specific features at their booth in the Technology Showcase in Griffin Hall.