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Welcome to the Solid Edge Developer Community!

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


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Tools are great. Documentation is wonderful.  Community is better!


Many of you are extending Solid Edge to do all kinds of wonderful things.  Solid Edge has a rich set of integration tools for doing everything from automating mundane tasks to embedding entire CAM systems into the product.


Most have been using Jason Newell’s software development community for years. Others have accessed the GTAC forums.  We want to take this to the next level.  Of course, you can’t think of the “Solid Edge API” without also thinking of Jason Newell.  He’ll be taking a primary role in helping to make this community useful.


For those of you getting started, we have inlcuded online documentation, added some useful content from our Solid Edge University Developer day events, and pre-populated the knowledge base. Jason also jumped though some hoops (programically speaking) to bring over many of the questions, answers and other posts in his forum. No doubt, we missed some things so please ask questions and give kudo’s to any community members that provides you with valuable information.


For those of you that are already developing on top of Solid Edge, I hope you can help Jason and those of us at Siemens PLM grow this community and contribute useful content. While we have some internal developers that will be participating, most do not use Solid Edge’s public API.  The real experts are in the community.


Finally, thanks goes to Jason and Matt Lombard for helping us get to this point. They have me excited to go write my own Solid Edge App Smiley Happy



This is very exciting news for me. This section has a bright future!

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Great!  I think if we can get enough people invovled, it can be very helpful.


Maybe we can get some of the non-programming users to encourge us on with ideas on how to extend Solid Edge.Robot Happy

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If only Jason Newell was available on a contract or per-project basis.  I have some ideas that are way beyond my coding skills.

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I've got a good reference for you if you'd like. They've been doing all of my side work for 2 years now. Have your people call my people ;-)

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Thanks for making another great place I won't have time to visit enough or post on. I will try to actually make time to post occasionally here since I have received such great information over the years from everyone instead of just lurking in the background.
Siemens Valued Contributor

Thanks, Nate.


We all get under deadlines or are given too much work so I think everyone understands.  If all anyone has time for is to "Kudo" a good post  (star button) or say "thanks", I think that is still huge. 





Fellow Developers,


I am very excited about the hype being passed around in this post. I have been using VBA with excel for as long as I can remember and with Solid Edge for nearly 2 yrs now. To date most of my innovations have combined automations between Excel and Solid Edge, using Visual Studio. Where I can, I will be helping out as much as possible and hope to add value to this community!


Great to see the Solid Edge DEV community listed separately from SE.

This will give more visibility and more growth opportunity to the developer area which it deserves.