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A real Ribbon Bar...

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Valued Contributor


Hello Guys,

i worked some weeks ago with a COM Interop for Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook) and had so far a solution for a RibbonBar with 5 different Groups and one Tab namew for the whole RibbonBar under ONE (!!!) Tab, not under a Add-In Tab.

I am quite confused (well obviously it drives me nuts), why in SE it is not possible to get the things handled like in Office... or am i blind ? I searched this forum, but haven't found a solution in c#. (only one in c++, but it will take me years to understand that one)

I used an XML - File so far to manage my RibbonBar in Office...

 it looked like this:

[script removed] 




          [script removed]....








I have a commandBar in SE (C# solution) already.  But is it somehow possible to put buttons in several groups together with a custom name in SE but under ONE CUSTOM NAMED Tab? I have a problem if a user has more than one addIn. With this case there will be groups for each addin and in addition for the groups I designed.

It seems like, if i add CommandBar and CommandBarButton that these Controls are no real RibbonBar - Controls (like the name already gives a hint about that).

But is there a solution or workaround how to handle that?


Posted by: Marius Berger
Post date: 7/14/2010 5:49:06 AM


RE: A real Ribbon Bar...

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Valued Contributor


Sorry for my post,

i fixed that one already by inserting the following line in the function:

public void OnConnection(object Application, SolidEdgeFramework.SeConnectMode connectMode, AddIn addInInstance)



this.addin.Description = "\n" + this.addin.Description; // Inserted the "\n"




I expected the SE Framework to provide some of the following classes:




Lesson learned: Never expect too much!


Posted by: Marius Berger
Post date: 7/15/2010 8:56:17 PM