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API/Program error ? Include states of ModelNodes -> Balloons !! Please confirm!

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Valued Contributor



can anyone confirm this with ST4MP2 (or that itis working in older Version),

we switched rom V19->ST4, now we got this problem with API/SE.


We use our own tool to set up the draftlist(include/exclude subasm.-parts) as preperation for the standard SE-GUI (under BOM), which then places the baloons.




1. Setting up the include-states of ModelNodes within the .net & API (u can also try it with Jasons EdgeSpy!) like this:


ASM (Application\ActiveDocument\ModelLinks\[1]\ModelNodes)


+dummyASM inc=false (pos=-1) (ModelNode)

++Part1 inc=true (pos=12)

++Part2 inc=true (pos=13)

+dummyASM .....again same state^^

+anotherdummyASM .... also included subasm


+normalASM inc=true (pos=12)



^^ I'd like Edge to place the Balloons onto the subparts (bigger asm for shure  )


2. Calling the BOM dialog with place balloons results in:

* totally exclution of the dummyASM, can be seen in the gui and objects:



+dummy inc=false (pos=-1)

++Part1 inc=false (pos=-1)

++Part2 inc=false (pos=-1)


it seems to be a SE bug with API/Object model, because setting state over SE-gui works -> baloons and Pos is alright + is persistent in the gui/objects; but if I do change even a single ModelNode with the api, the dummy gets switched into excluded in SE-gui again ;(


^^ OR has the method of setting it up changed with STx, by usage of any other object ??


Please confirm and ifalso got problems pls make a call, too 

discussion is also on http://bbs.industrysoftware.automat...post215767



Posted by: Linus Hechinger
Post date: 12/18/2011 9:33:22 PM