API example to use "object table property" in part/psm


I'd like to know if someone has an example of code to gather information defined this way :


1- PAR or PSM, create some geometry

2- Tools / Properties group / Create Table

3- Enter some info in this table

4- Attach the info to an edge of the part


The goal is to define custom properties in SE, attach them to geometry (face or edge), then have a program to scan the file and extract this metadata.





Re: API example to use "object table property" in part/psm

Hello Francis,


use the Document.PropertyTableDefinitions property to access the list of PropertyTableDefinition objects the hold a list of PropertyDefinition objects.


The Document.AttachedPropertyTables property leads to a list of AttachedPropertyTable objects that references to the corresponding PropertyDefinitions by the AttachedProperties property.

It also holds an array of Geometry objects (Faces, Edges). You can add these by the AddMembers() method and access them by AttachedTo() method which returns a System.Array object.


Look in the Solid Edge SDK Help for more information.

You can also explore them with the "Spy for Solid Edge" program (thanks Jason!!)

exept the Geometry objects, that are returne by the method.


Hope this helps.

Regards Jürgen



VS2015, SE ST10