API for Text profile in sketching

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Hi All, I am trying to get the Text text profile in sketching of a partdocument.

Could anybody help me on this. Is there any API to find out this ?

I here by attach the image which shows the way which i created the text.








Posted by: Folk
Post date: 3/13/2013 3:42:31 AM


Re: API for Text profile in sketching

Is there any API for editing Text profile now?

Can any thing be done for changing / adding text with API?



Re: API for Text profile in sketching

Actually (in ST7), there is a TextProfiles collection with TextProfile objects in the Profile.

From what I can see in the documentation, it seems to be possible to change the Text property, TextSize, FontName, amongst others, but I don't see any API to create a new TextProfile object.

This has still to be added manually, or at least I can't see the API method.

I haven't used any of these API functions yet, so I don't know if there are working...

Re: API for Text profile in sketching

Sadly it is useless.


There is an example code (under TextProfile Object), and it is for the draft env.

You can move the text around using the API, but when you try (on the immediate window):


You recive: (1) : error BC30526: Property 'Text' is 'ReadOnly'.


So this will not help me…


I also tried to use this SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.TextProfile object on parts, but I receive errors.





Re: API for Text profile in sketching

You are right. The documentation says "Sets and returns..." for all properties, but looking at the typelibrary, they are all implemented READ-ONLY!

So this API is mainly for investigation rather than creation or manipulation!!