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ASM family <> alternate positions

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have made a replacing function that takes a filepath and looks for the family members,

and let the user select the member and replace the selected occ

(just like std. SE function, but started from outside !)


I'm using this code to get the FamilyMembers before I start the gui and the selectedocc.replace() method,

but the problem is:


There are two types of family-Asm:

the "family" and the "alternate positions" family Smiley Frustrated


And I can't get the Familymembers because it just says that this "alterate family" is no familyasm at all !!!! Smiley Tongueinch:


Is there any other solution for getting the familymembers, or

do I have to open the file inside Edge first,

or is it a call (should be fixed soon, calls are soo slow - maybe ST5MP4 Smiley Wink )

pls help :blink:


[code type=vbnet]moFilePropSets = CreateObject("SolidEdge.FileProperties")

moFilePropSets.IsFileFamilyOfAssembly(FullName, bIsBGF)



If bIsBGF = True Then

moFilePropSets.GetFamilyOfAssemblyMemberNames(FullName, MemberCount, MemberNames)

End If[/code]


Posted by: Linus Hechinger
Post date: 6/5/2013 6:59:31 AM