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Access Violations with DraftFilePreferences

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Has anyone had any success using DraftFilePreferences in C++?


I'm trying to copy these settings from one draft (our current template) to another, but I just get access violations whenever I attempt to access any members or methods.


I have valid DraftDocumentPtrs which I am using successfully for other things, and from those I am obtaining DraftFilePreferencesPtrs, eg:

SolidEdgeDraft::DraftFilePreferencesPtr pPrefs = pDraft->FilePreferences;
However I attempt to access member variables - getting, setting, directly on the members or via their get or set methods, I get AVs. I am creating the PreferencesPtrs with NULL and then assigning them later in the code. I'm using VC++2010 SP1 and Solid Edge ST4 MP12.


Posted by: Paul Dobson
Post date: 10/10/2013 3:47:20 AM