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Accessing to Partlist columns in a Draft

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Valued Contributor



my task is to merge in a single archive of parts and drafts a large number of Solidedge V18 files that were originally created by two different teams. For some reason, the two teams used different file properties to store information like descriptions, materials, codes and so on, so if I insert a part/asm created by team1 into a draft created by team2 I end up with a messed up partlist, with emtpy or misplaced information.


In order to fix this I wrote a VBA program that process all parts and assembly, copying all the information in the correct position, and it was a fairly easy task even if I'm not a programmer.

Now the problem is to change in all the dft files the part list columns, to make it uniform, the same that in interactive mode is accomplished by rightclick on Part List, then Properties Menu, and then Column tab.

I need to "get there" in VB, and to add/remove/modify columns and the underlying properties.

The Partlist object in VB seems to be quite poor, I do not see any of the required properties/methods. Even hanging around with the SESpy I didn't find any clue.


Is it possible to modify the PartList columns of a SE V18 draft file? If yes, how? (Of course I do not want some one doing my job for free, just need a pointer to the correct object to handle).








Posted by: Andrea Pusceddu
Post date: 5/27/2011 2:26:05 AM