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I don't have expirence with SolidEdge, but I have to make a VB program that already exists in Inventor.


I want to make a reference plane with 3 points:


Set objRefPlane = objPartDoc.RefPlanes.AddBy3Points( , , ,)


According to the ObjectBrowser the function is as follows:


Function AddBy3Points(NumEdges As Long, EdgeSet() As Object, KeyPointTypeConstants() As KeyPointType, [Local]) As RefPlane



In Inventor I have used something similar, first create 3 WorkPoints and then make a WorkPlane through these points.



Can I make WorkPoints in SolidEdge?

Which Edges (and NumEdges) should I use in the AddBy3Points function. I cannot find any information about this?







Posted by: Frank Halma
Post date: 4/6/2006 1:32:13 AM


RE: AddBy3Points

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 Could someone tell me like to make a reference plane with 3 points, i must rotate 45° the plane on the axes Z but can't with  "objDoc.RefPlane(3).rotate" so I thought to make with "AddBy3Points" but I don't find any example are many days that I am code is this:




   Dim EdgeSet(1 To 3) As Object

   Dim igKeyPointPointOnly(1 To 3) As KeyPointType


'objRefPln" is a copy of a plane create and is functionally

      Set objProfile(1) = objDoc.ProfileSets.Add.Profiles.Add(pRefPlaneDisp:=objRefPln)



        Set Point_0 = objProfile(1).Points2d.Add (0, 0)

        Set Point_X = objProfile(1).Points2d.Add (0.01 , 0.01)

        Set Point_Y = objProfile(1).Points2d.Add (0.01 , -0.01)



       EdgeSet(1) = Point_0

       EdgeSet(2) = Point_X

       EdgeSet(3) = Point_Y


      Set objRefPln = objDoc.RefPlanes.AddBy3Points(3, EdgeSet(), igKeyPointPointOnly(), 0)







Posted by: Fabian Tadiello
Post date: 2/15/2008 5:17:04 PM

RE: AddBy3Points

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Will someone give us a working example for adding a reference plane by 3 points? Thanks.


Posted by: SoonKong Chew
Post date: 5/7/2008 4:37:59 AM

Re: RE: AddBy3Points


Dear Sir,


I am also looking for the solution to above problem stated by you.

Please share the information, if you get some solution.


Amar Phatak