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AddFinite problem; and basic procedure

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


In the thread "ExtrudedProtrusion" i was getting help getting on some code to create an ExtrudedProtrusion Which never worked. I tried lots of things to fix the problem but it didnt seem to work. Then i tryed to make a revolved protrustion, then a cutout, and nothing worked. Im starting to think its a problem with my basic setup.


I am using SEV19 adn Visual Studio 2005. Does anyone else use SEV19 and if you do, do you have any sample code i can use. Also if you have Visual Studios i would appriciate sample code that demostrates the exttrudedProtrustion. The more code i can see would help me greatly


Also what references do i need to add to my project. Im very stressed that the simplest project wont work for me. Thank anyone in advance


John Wong


Posted by: John Wong
Post date: 3/24/2008 4:13:21 PM