AddIn deployment and updating

What way do you guys deploy and update your addins to other users? (and register it with SE etc.)


I've developed a simple AddIn with a ribbon bar with a few commands for the SE users in my company.  I’d thought of creating a ClickOnce application in C#/WPF that would reference the addin dll and provide buttons to register and de-register it with SE. It would also be able to auto-update the addin which would be handy. Unfortunately ClickOnce applications change the location of the dlls when updating so I don’t think this would be able to keep them up to date.


So what do other people do?


Re: AddIn deployment and updating

We do it in a domain login script. Solid Edge users are placed into a specific Active Directory group. The script checks for that group, copies the addin.dll from a network share to their local system and registers it.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect