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Hi all


I'm looking for to use the method 'AddMaterial' to ad a new material in the Material.mtl, but the help can't halp me. Who can?


My code is:


Dim objApp As SolidEdgeFramework.Application

Dim objMaterialTable As SolidEdgeFramework.MatTable


Set objApp = GetObject(, "solidedge.application")

If Err Then


Set objApp = CreateObject("solidedge.application")

End If


Set objMaterialTable = objApp.GetMaterialTable


Call objMaterialTable.AddMaterial(???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???)



I don't know waht the method AddMaterial want as parameter.


Posted by: Delki Trolese
Post date: 12/14/2005 1:43:57 AM


RE: AddMaterial

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From the VB.Net object browser:


Public Overridable Sub AddMaterial(ByVal bstrMatName As String, ByVal lNumProps As Integer, ByVal varPropList As Object, ByVal bstrFaceStyle As String, ByVal bstrFillStyle As String, ByVal bstrVSPlusStyle As String)


That's all the help I can give at the moment...I haven't actually used the AddMaterial method.





Posted by: Michael Frayser
Post date: 12/17/2005 4:21:43 AM