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Addin Command Buttons

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Valued Contributor



I have another beginner's question for you. I have used the sample code that came with the Solid Edge ST programmer's guide to make an addin that connects to Solid Edge. Now I want to start making addins with buttons that show up in the Solid Edge command bars. As I have said before, I am still new at both Solid Edge and Visual Basic  so if anyone could give some sample code or direct me to a good tutorial it would be GREATLY appreciated.

PS: I am using the Visual Basic laguage in Microsoft Visual Stodio 2005.



Posted by: Eddie Miller
Post date: 12/6/2008 4:20:28 AM


RE: Addin Command Buttons

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Do you only have VB.NET or did you buy Visual Studio .NET Professional Edition?  If you have access to VC++ & VB.NET, you can download my VS.NET 2005 AddIn Demo in the downloads section.  You have to be logged in to have access.

If you're only using VB.NET, I don't have anything for you at the moment.  I've done it before but it's very much a pain to setup due to resources.  The demo greatly simplifies the whole .NET addin thing.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 12/8/2008 6:47:00 AM