AfterFeatureIsAdded...How to use this?

I'm trying to find a way to grab the Balloon (Callout to be exact) after the user has 'placed' it in the draft enviroment.  The Callout function allows the user to place note after note without exiting the command, so I cant use the 'AfterCommand' event becuase the user could hvae place ten in one command.  But I did find the 'AfterFeatureIsAdded' command.  To me this seems like if a ballon is added, it raises this event.  And with a ballon being created everytime the user places a callout, this would be perfect.


But how do I use this event?  Documentation in it is no where to be found.





P.S. I'm using VB.NET, and not fully up too speed on events.


Re: AfterFeatureIsAdded...How to use this?


I am writing from memory so I can be totally wrong, but I believe the AfterFeatureIsAdded event is related to a Model and therefore only fired in Part.

AFAIK there is no equivalent in Draft which allows what you are going to do.

Re: AfterFeatureIsAdded...How to use this?

Yeah thats what I was afraid of... I wasn't able to get it working so Im trying the '.MouseUp" event, but in draft mode Im having issues with that too.  I'm going to start a new thread for that question.


Thanks tho!