Alternative to TextProfile PutText



in previous SDK documentation the Text property of the TextProfile object was read-write. ST8 states the property to be read-only which is correct. I know there is a call on that matter but it is fu. So I do not expect a quick fix.


Do you know an alternative way to set the text or achieve something similar (i.e. have a text in a part or assembly in a sketch or something and be able to change it via api)?




Re: Alternative to TextProfile PutText

I think, you won't be able to change the text of an existing TextProfile without recreating it again.

I did not know that you have been able to set the Text in earlier version. I always remember the Text property to be read-only.

I had a PR filed in the past about the "incorrect API documentation" and it was fixed in ST8, stating that the property is READ-ONLY.

If you need to change the Text, then file an enhancement report to hopefully get it implemented one day!

Re: Alternative to TextProfile PutText

Sorry, thats what I meant to say. The pre ST8 documentation read "set and return" or something like that. Now it says return and readonly, like you said.


Is there a way to create new TextProfile objects via API? Again I do not see how.

Re: Alternative to TextProfile PutText

Of course, it is NOT possible to actually create a TextProfile through API.

The TextProfile object only exists to investigate it, but NOT to CHANGE or CREATE it.

In my previous post, I misleaded you when I said "that you need to recreate it".

This has to be done manually, as there is NO API for that!