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Analyzing made Mate ops?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hello Folks!

Again, I seek advice..

We endeavour to automate the manual process of Mating Parts and Assemblies.

To that end, we describe the Mate operations to be performed with (among some further details) what we call a MatePointPath.

Such a MatePointPath is on the form (relative to a participating Assembly)


someSurfaceTag is the name of an association to an AttachedPropertyTable.

Its purpose is to provide a link to the surface to use in e.g. a Planar Mate.

We create the definition for these Mates with a configuration editor of ours.

The current method to describe the MatePointPaths is somewhat cumbersome.

We therefor seek to device a method where the mech eng "shows" the editor a mate and from that extract the definition.

Given a manually performed Mate we can use Relations3d Collection to find the reference Object and from that, using ImmediateParent, the (Part) Occurence directly participating. From that Occurrence we can find out what Assembly the Occurence is part-of *but* we can not see what Occurrence *that* Assembly correspond to in its enclosing Assembly.

That is, we fail to determine the path from the Planar Relation to the root Assembly.

We therefor try the Occurrence hierachy in the root Assembly and are able to determine all possible paths from the root to all leafs (Parts).

However, we require one particular path and thus need to determine which one.

To that end we seek a method to uniquely match one particular Relations3d Item to exactly one such path.

Here we have come to a Full Stop!

Any advice on how we may proceed?

Thanks in advance!/Maria


Posted by: Maria Reinhammar
Post date: 3/17/2008 10:27:31 PM