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Appdomain / MessageFilter - random crashes on macro exe


Hello mates,


I've got random crashes on my 64bit versions of macro exes performing a lot of difficult tasks, from file save/rename to attributes to drafting drawing things... with


I'd like to know what has worked for you solving this kind of crashes, there is the MessageFilter thing and also the Appdomain solution, both not implemented up to now,

because everything worked without problems (on 32bit) - now on 64bit there are crashes on some machines while otheres have no crashes at all ... ;(


Also I get some real hard crashes of Edge itself, I suppose theres also a problem with my 64bit Addin, I'm on it to find the mayor problem, but also this is something random I can't explain...


What about the addin, also harden it with MessageFilter / Appdomain, any advice?


thanx Linuz


Re: Appdomain / MessageFilter - random crashes on macro exe

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Solution Partner Phenom

I suggest that you take a look at my Open\Save demo on CodePlex. That is probably my best example to date on how I would write a macro to automate Solid Edge with the least amount of problems.


Implementing a MessageFilter is a must. The separate interop AppDomain technique is extremely useful and robust. It's a bit more complex but definitely worth the effort.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect