AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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Does anyone have any insight on how to use AssemblyFeaturesExtrudedCutouts in the API?

It is a member of AssemblyFeatures.

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Posted by: Matthew Daniel
Post date: 9/13/2007 9:24:44 AM


RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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What is it that you're wanting to know about the interface? There is an Add() method and it's enumerable.


The Add() method looks very nasty. Here is it's IDL.



[id(0x00000005), helpstring(" "), helpcontext(0x0098967f)]

AssemblyFeaturesExtrudedCutout* Add(

[in] long nNumScopeParts,

[in] SAFEARRAY(IUnknown*)* pScopeParts,

[in] long nNumProfiles,

[in] SAFEARRAY(IUnknown*)* pProfiles,

[in] FeaturePropertyConstants ExtentType,

[in] FeaturePropertyConstants* pExtentSide,

[in] FeaturePropertyConstants profileSide,

[in] double* pdDistance,

[in] IUnknown* pKeyPoint,

[in] KeyPointExtentConstants* pKeyPointFlags,

[in] IUnknown* pFromSurfOrPlane,

[in] IUnknown* pToSurfOrPlane);



Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 9/18/2007 1:14:37 PM

RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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Thanks for the reply.  I am intersest in the add() method.  I have figured out how to draw a profile in an assembly document but I can't cut it out.

I think I have a reletive understanding of the first 8 arguments. From pKeypoint down I am clueless. 

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Posted by: Matthew Daniel
Post date: 9/19/2007 4:00:48 AM

RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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I got the answer from  The following chunk of code works on v20 only.  For some reason the exact same code fails on v18 and I don't have v19.

        Dim ScopedParts() As Object

        Dim nParts As Integer


        nParts = DocAsm.Occurrences.Count

        ReDim ScopedParts(nParts)


        For i As Integer = 1 To DocAsm.Occurrences.Count

            ScopedParts.SetValue(DocAsm.Occurrences.Item(i), (i - 1)) 



        Dim keypnt As Object = Nothing


        Dim ExtentType As SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants = SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants.igThroughAll  



        Dim ExtentSide As SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants = SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants.igRight



        Dim ProfileSide As SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants = SolidEdgePart.FeaturePropertyConstants.igRight


        Dim ExtentValue As Double = 0.0


        Dim keypntflag As SolidEdgePart.KeyPointExtentConstants  = SolidEdgePart.KeyPointExtentConstants.igTangentNormal


        Dim surf1, surf2 As Object


        surf1 = Nothing

        surf2 = Nothing


    Dim asmFeats As SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyFeatures = DocAsm.AssemblyFeatures


        Dim ASMCuts As SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyFeaturesExtrudedCutouts =                asmFeats.AssemblyFeaturesExtrudedCutouts

    Dim ASMCut As SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyFeaturesExtrudedCutout


        ASMCut = ASMCuts.Add(nParts, ScopedParts, 1, ProfileArray, ExtentType, ExtentSide, ProfileSide, ExtentValue, Nothing, keypntflag, Nothing, Nothing)


Thanks for your help.


Posted by: Matthew Daniel
Post date: 10/4/2007 10:33:35 AM

RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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Hello to all!


Could anybody tell how to create a profile in an assembly...

I need to create a hole in an assembly, but can't find the way of creating profile.


Thank you.



Posted by: Sergey Sergeenko
Post date: 1/11/2010 10:40:35 PM

RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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You have to create a layout. You can use it in the same manner that you would use a profile in part mode.


DocAsm = SolidEdgeApp.Documents.Open(strDir & "Test_Part.asm")


Layouts = DocAsm.Layouts

Layout = Layouts.Add(DocAsm.AsmRefPlanes.Item(1))

LProfile = Layout.Profile




Posted by: Matthew Daniel
Post date: 1/12/2010 1:34:30 AM

RE: AssemblyFeature ExtrudedCutOut???

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Thank you very much for your answer!

The only problem is that layout is visible in the models tree...


P.S. It's a bit strange that SolidEdge developers haven't created the same way of working with feature profiles as in PartDocument.


Posted by: Sergey Sergeenko
Post date: 1/12/2010 2:44:13 AM