Attaching Debugger to Macro?

Hello All,


I'm an experienced VB.NET developer who is working with SE ST2 for the first time. I have managed to create a little winforms app in VB.NET (using VS2008) that I can call from within Solid Edge. I have done this by creating a new button in Solid Edge and pointing it at the exe file of my winforms app.


I am now trying to debug this macro - having worked on many an api using VB.NET the usual way is to put a breakpoint on my code, "attach to process" in Visual Studio and then click on the new button and my breakpoint should be hit.


I have tried this by attaching to Edge.exe but I get no joy. Please note I am not creating an Add in - just a simple macro.


I've trawled the web and can't find anything anywhere on how to debug a Solid Edge macro, so any help is much appreciated...






Posted by: Richard Rees
Post date: 12/13/2010 5:00:38 AM


RE: Attaching Debugger to Macro?

Hello Richard,


assuming your 'standalone' exe connects to an existing Solid Edge instance or creates a Solid Edge instance, if there is none, you just press F5 (start debug) from inside Visual Studio as you do for any other program to debug. Any set breakpoint will stop execution.



Posted by: Wolfgang Kunert
Post date: 12/13/2010 11:02:16 PM