Batch recycling of projects...?

Jason here's what I need...and yes, it needs to be Insight enabled.


We do a lot of repeat work (we are a job shop). I know one thing my boss wants is the ability to quickly go in and send repeat jobs out to the printer/shop (updated prints). He wants to find a given assembly, change a few properties in each file (i.e. work order, due date and qty) from a master UI. Then batch print the updated job. As of now we manually have to go into these files and update them (which can take some time especially when property manager doesn’t get the job done). Oh and on top of that he wants to be able to change the quantity of the assembly to produce, have it go through that assembly, figure out the amount of parts to make for the given asm qty. and update the files so the drafts show the proper qty to produce. All with a few keystrokes and the push of a button…



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Posted by: Ryan Gudorf
Post date: 10/12/2005 12:47:13 AM


RE: Batch recycling of projects...?

For anyone interested, Ryan and I carried this conversation offline.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 10/23/2005 1:20:59 PM