I am implementing code in the BeforeDocumentClose section of an addin. Can I stop Solid Edge from closing the file, if my logic determines I need to?


Posted by: Kevin Haen
Post date: 2/28/2006 8:09:33 AM


RE: BeforeDocumentClose



I've tried about everything that I can think of but I can't stop the save. You might submit an IR to GTAC and ask if it's possible.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 3/1/2006 9:33:04 PM

RE: BeforeDocumentClose

Here is the response I got from GTAC:


IR #: 5417810


*** Date & Time: 02-mar-2006 08:40:32 User id: kjrangan ***


No. You cannot terminate the closing process by trapping this event. When your event function returns Solid Edge will continue closing the document.


Posted by: Kevin Haen
Post date: 3/2/2006 3:33:43 AM

RE: BeforeDocumentClose



try to detect the CommandID for DocumentClose in the BeforeCommandRun-Event, and terminate it with something like "killCommand".



Sub killCommand()

Dim objCommand As SolidEdgeFramework.Command

Set objCommand = seAPP.CreateCommand(seTerminateAfterActivation)

Call objCommand.Start

Set objCommand = Nothing

End Sub


Sorry for the Vb6 code.




Posted by: Sachin Chougule
Post date: 3/7/2006 12:24:49 AM