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BindKeyToObject() c++ usage


Hi everyone.


Anyone knows why BindKeyToObject() works fine for Part files, but not for Assembly files?


I have the following code


SAFEARRAY *pRefKey = 0;

IDispatchPtr ids = 0;


pFace->GetReferenceKey(&pRefKey ); //pFace is a valid face. this line works

doc->BindKeyToObject(&pRefKey, &ids); // valid .par or .asm document.


this code works ok for Part document. But not for Assembly document

Anyone knows whay i'm doing wrong?


Thank you


Re: BindKeyToObject() c++ usage

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

I did a fast test on ST7 and can confirm your problem, although I was testing edges. It seems, that topologies are not supported in Assembly, as an E_INVALIDARG exception is thrown.

You file an IR on that issue.