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Bulk or batch Parts list extraction from multiple draft files macro




Anyone created a custom tool to extract parts lists from multiple dft's (from working sheet) and past into excel file sheet 1 or even into 1 excel file (sheet 1) at a time.


If so would you be kind enough to share....





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Re: Bulk or batch Parts list extraction from multiple draft files macro

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I have done something kind of similar where I wrote a solution for the chief plumber here. This solution spits out an Excel bulk MTO report of tagged big bore lines if I remember correctly. The code was developed and initially tested, but never production tested by the chief plumber, and is currently not implemented...


This solution I can make available to you. It uses both Assembly and Draft environments to extract all the required info from the tagged assembly models (not drafts). As this solution is highly proprietory to our environment you will only be able to use it as a reference. Some serious reverse engineering will be required by you. On top of that I am a self taught programmer, enough said.


Hopefully this may provide some kind of starting reference for what you want to do.


Let me know via PM if you want this.