COM object reference after model changes



When i do some macro, i connect to Solid Edge application, then some Part Document, Model, Body and so on..

If i do some changes in the model, like Extrude ot Cut, i lose the references to the objects.


For example, if i do Cut, i get reference for the part, then model, face (maybe some edges). I make the Cut, then i want to use same face to do something else (maybe one more cut, or extrude). I get error, that i'm not connected to the COM object.. So i have to get reference to the part, then model, then face (there can be a lot of objects, depends on the algorhytm. Usually it takes some computing time to get all the references again, and enlarge the code..


There is some way to keep COM reference after model changes?


Re: COM object reference after model changes

If you'll take the time to put together a small demo to reproduce the problem, I'd be happy to look at it.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect